RBS, Nat West and Ulster Bank customers can't get their money, again

RBS, Nat West and Ulster Bank customers currently have the status: FURIOUS. Seems that there are technical issues, which the group have acknowledged, however, customers have been left with cards that aren't working and purchases being declined while people are in shops.



It looks like the servers have crashed and Nat West customers are looking at incurring card penalties while the RBS-owned group are "urgently" trying to fix everything.

Naturally, thousands have been screaming in frustration on Twitter. Not surprising as this is one of the busiest days of the year for shopping.

Apps and websites are also having difficulties. This is bad news for RBS Group who coughed-up £175m to say sorry for a similar problem last year.


  • andrew h.
    yet again the big banks can.t get it right poor people get embaresed yet again when trying to pay for things shocking way to work.
  • Priya B.
    Relax peoples, our outsourced Bangalore IT Department will handle this within days, admittedly it was us that caused the problem in the first place, the same as last time in fact, but don't worry, it's fine, outsourcing IT works, everyone does it and there are never any real problems, it's not as though we've sent a reactor into meltdown. YET.
  • Yeti G.
    Yet again? Yet again...

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