RBS block Basic account holders from using all free ATMs

atm-scotland.jpg Here’s another kick up the hoop for the poor and disenfranchised – if you’re a Royal Bank of Scotland customer with a Basic bank account, you can no longer use other banks’ ATMs in order to get at the tiny amount of money you’ve got in the account. That’s because it costs RBS money each time you make a withdrawal and they’re sick of it. And you probably.

The Basic bank account is provided by all UK banks for people who might not be eligible for bank accounts, like bankrupts and, er, dogs. They are offered as part of a commitment to financial inclusion for all. However, this move by the RBS means that Basic account holders will no longer be able to access around 80% of the free cash machines in the UK. The move will also apply to NatWest Basic customers.

That will mean that many RBS/NatWest Basic customers will find themselves sometimes having to resort to using those nasty little portable robot-shaped ATMs that charge you around £1.75 per withdrawal. Either that or incur travelling costs from having to trek off to their nearest source of cash. Yet again, the poorest get hit the hardest. What a wonderful fucked-up society we live in.

In their defence, RBS have bleated that they are, “...fully committed to offering a free basic account for people who may otherwise struggle to access banking services. Our basic account customers will continue to have free access to one of the largest cash machine networks in the country, including RBS, NatWest and Tesco ATMs, and can withdraw cash from more than 11,000 post offices across the UK."

If you’ve got an RBS or NatWest Basic account and are thinking of switching as a result of this, you might not want to consider LloydsTSB – they’ve always denied their Basic customers the opportunity to use other banks’ ATMs. Classy stuff.


  • Stu_
    One thing that perhaps is slightly positive.... Most Tesco cash machines are RBS
  • PlatPlat
    We practically own this institution, the government should step in immediately. But they won't.
  • Marky M.
    I ditched this shower of shits when they lied to me about "having" to go onto a paid-for account, then denied it when I complained to the ombudsman. I sincerely, genuinely, deeply hope they go out of business (but only after we've got all our money back).
  • Kevin
    Not going to get our money back by paying out for letting people use other banks machines (if they are Tescos machines that gives most people easy use). Can't expect them to pay us back if they are wasting money they dont need to waste
  • Pops!
    RBS a) fund arms manufacturers making landmines etc and b) are something like 80% owned by the people after the bailout. just to make your blood boil further.
  • Wildclaims
    Not only do they make landmines, the eat babies and are run by lizard overlords in disguise.....probably.
  • PokeHerPete
    I wouldn't trust anyone with the word Scotland in their name to look after my money. Sorry we've lost your lifes savings but heres a deep fried mars bar...
  • just t.
    If you don't live or work near an RBS branch or ATM why are you banking with them?

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