RBS and NatWest to reduce branch hours?

rbs Thanks to the advent of digital banking services, increasingly fewer people feel the need to actively go to a bank's branch. However, for those that still rely on face-to-face banking, they're a godsend.

With that, RBS and NatWest are looking at reducing their opening hours. There's going to be a number of branches across the group being closed down, which of course, will lead to redundancies.

Earlier this year, the RBS Group said that they will be closing hundreds of branches over the next few years. This means the closure of 32 NatWest branches and 600 jobs being lost.

It is shutting branches as it cuts costs and adjusts to a change in customer behaviour as more people bank online.

A spokesperson for the group said: "Banking has changed significantly over the last few years and the way our customers want to interact with us is also changing. We have to continually adapt to meet our customers’ needs and to ensure we remain viable and relevant both now and in the future."

As for staff who might be losing their jobs, the spokesperson added: "We will do everything we can to support them, including seeking redeployment opportunities wherever possible and ensuring that compulsory redundancies are kept to a minimum."

As for cutting hours at branches, if the group reduce hours by more than 30%, then the branch is considered to be closing for good, and the banking group will make an announcement on that branch, or branches.

If the hours are less than that, then basically, they have said that they'll stick a poster in the window of your local bank to let you know when it'll be open.

Should you live in an area where your branch is closed, then you should be aware that you'll be able to use your local Post Office for some basic banking services.

Sadly, if you need to talk to someone face-to-face, then you'll have to travel to your nearest branch, wherever that is. Of course, the online and telephone services are becoming more thorough, so always try and contact your bank first, to save you from schlepping all the way to a branch for no good reason.


  • **Paul**
    That's all well and good, but for relatively simple things closing a bank account at Natwest you need to go to a branch. It can't be done online, by post, or over the phone, even though you can do loads of things online nowadays. Other banks are far easier to work with. Santander are a decent example of that!
  • Fat H.
    Good old Naffwest.

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