RBS and Nat West payments go missing

rbs RBS have confirmed that its customers are, yet again, having difficulty with a technical glitch as account payments have gone "missing". The bank's press office said a glitch with the overnight payment processes has now been fixed, but it will take time for any transactions to be resolved.

600,000 transactions have been affected 600,000 across RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank, which is similar to the 2012 cock-up that saw people unable to access their money.

Of course, Twitter is filled with people complaining about this error, and it looks like a lot of tax credits haven't gone through, as well as other payments.

RBS say: "We will ensure no customers are left out of pocket as a result of this issue". We should bloody think so.

Earlier this morning the NatWest Help Twitter account tweeted: "Some Customer payments are missing this morning – we are investigating this issue as a matter of urgency". They then added: "We are looking into fixing this ASAP and funds will show as normal once the system is back to normal".

NatWest added further: "If you have been affected and need to access funds today, please contact us 03457 888444 or visit your branch".

The group will want to sort this out quickly, to avoid another bout of settlement payments and compensation penalties, or the FCA will be after them. Worse still for the banks in question, customers might start finding out just how easier it has become to switch banks.

UPDATE 31 July 2015:

Looks like NatWest's issues have cropped back up again today with pay day being ruined for some account holders- Customers across the UK are taking to social media to complain about multiple issues today including missing wages and online banking failures.

NatWest have responded with a slightly patronising message of "Please try not to panic" via their Twitter page, further tweeting

"We are aware of an issue with the service, our tech team are investigating this as a matter of urgency."

More to follow..


  • Nichola
    What sort of payments are going 'missing'? I have been waiting on an international bank transfer for 2 and a half weeks. Does this count? Could it be one of those gone missing?
  • Theresa A.
    I know my tax credits haven't gone in , I am currently looking into another bank , this is just not good enough it's ok them putting "funds" but not the same tbh
  • jack M.
    Yes, and I have your Money :-)
  • Zoe E.
    A payment should have gone into my account yesterday (Wednesday). Today Natwest take a payment out and make me go overdrawn, then send a text saying if I don't put money I will get charged a fee. Ridiculous.
  • meh
    I'm waiting for £4.5 million from a Nigerian bank as apparently I had an elderly (unknown!) relative die and leave me all the money! I didn't even know about him! It came in via email, so it's obviously kosher! This must be why it hasn't shown up in my account yet, as I made sure I gave them all my bank details. Maybe I should contact RBS and ask when they expect it to clear?

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