RBS: All payments will go through by the weekend

RBS RBS has vowed - VOWED - that all those payments are going to be processed by the weekend. They've got 600,000 transactions to get through across the group, which includes RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank.

"The actual technical issue that delayed the payments has now been fixed and now we're making sure all of those payments are processed through so that by Saturday everyone will be in the right place," said Stuart Hare, managing director of RBS Direct Bank.

"We're really sorry, we know it's not acceptable - we know we've let our customers down by this issue," Hare added.

RBS have also said that short-term credit will be made available to any customers who have been affected by the glitch, and that the bank have increased the number of staff at call centres to deal with it all. Extra staff usually means drafting in people who don't normally work in call centres from other teams as overtime, so if you speak to someone who doesn't quite know what they're doing, now you know why.

Of course, this follows on from the complete balls-up across the RBS Group which happened in 2012, and of course, Nat West had their own little technical meltdown in 2013 too. Are they running their back office on a VIC 20 or something? One for the old-school gamers, there.

If this is anything like the last errors, then there's going to be a lot of compensation being paid out, and some tax credits have gone missing which has angered customers.

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