Premiership football fans are snubbing club merchandise

A typical Premiership footballer man

Football clubs are shamelessly greedy bastards and for a time, fans just accepted it and played along. However, it seems that breaking point has been reached with nearly half of football fans spending less on merchandise this season.

According to Virgin Money's latest Football Fans' Index, a survey of Premier League fans revealed that 42% of supporters aren't prepared to spend money on replica shirts, programmes and general club tat.

It doesn't help when your club release a new batch of kits every season, most of which aren't nearly as nice as the retro ones you can buy elsewhere.

The clubs facing the biggest drop in spending are Birmingham, Bolton and Blackburn. Nearly half of the fans of champions Chelsea will be cutting the amount they spend on the club.

With your average replica shirt costing over £40 (another tenner if you're getting a name on the back), it's hardly surprising that fans are refusing to cough-up coins.

Roughly 34% of Tottenham fans won't buy a new kit this season despite the club launching five new shirts. That means a good percentage of people are still willing to bow to their outrageously cheeky club.

Clubs have made the match day experience a bit cheaper. It's 3.5% lower for a day out than it was a year ago. However, it's still nearly £100 for a pint of lager, a match ticket, travel and a replica shirt combined. Of course, you're not expected to buy a new shirt every time you go to a game. Still, it ain't cheap.

Malcolm Clarke, chairman of the Football Supporters' Federation, said to The Guardian: "The clubs agreed to a two-year minimum'life' for all shirts and to ensure every shirt offered for sale had a ticket clearly indicating the date up to which the club would wear that shirt. Far too many clubs are driving a coach and horses through that restriction – which they voluntarily agreed to in writing in the final Football Task Force report. Such breaches are bad faith on their part."


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