Pratts Assume Bank Won't Notice Missing $175,477.50

Just imagine your bank had made a small error and accidentally credited a deposit of £1,772.50 as the slightly larger £177,250.00. What would you do? You’d possibly say nothing and hope the mistake wouldn’t be noticed.

You’d probably contact the bank and let them know they’d made a mistake. After all, these things normally get picked up on and rectified in the end.

What you probably WOULDN’T do, unless you were of a chronically idiotic disposition, would be to quit your job and move to Florida.

We’ve quoted pounds sterling instead of dollars yankee, but the numbers are the same and that is exactly what a Pennsylvania couple did when their bank dropped a bollock and got the decimal point mixed up.

Shortly after realising what the bank had done, Randy Pratt (ahem) and his wife Melissa moved the money into other accounts, walked out on their jobs, bought a new car and headed for Orlando, where they promptly went house-hunting.

Police said Melissa said that her husband often received large sums of money and as such, they hadn’t been aware of any error. So the fact that they’d basically taken early retirement on the spur of the moment was just, like, a coincidence. Riiiiight.


  • Yo
    Pratt? Is that his real name? Well he has a personality to go with it!
  • bobo
    Idiot, should have moved it to offshore account and left the country!
  • The B.
    I managed to get about halfway through before the banjo's kicked in full blast, my brain is now playing a widescreen version of Deliverance in it's full glory.
  • Darren
    It must be low cost of living over there, but £200K to buy a house and new car and still manage to be setup for a while!!.... I think a change of country is in hand here, just need to transfer 2K from my bank account and hope I have some Idiot enter the decimal place wrong!
  • Kevin
    But then remember a lot of houses in the US are made of wood and chipboard, thats one reason they are so cheap, and also explode wonderfully when theres a truck chase in a movie.

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