Pingit - now pinging money around from phone to phone

pingit-517x500 Want us to send you £300? Just give us your mobile phone number then. No, don’t, because we’ve got no intention of giving you £300. Ever. So forget we said it.

But if we wanted to, we could do it. That’s because Barclays bank have unfurled a new app, called Pinigit, that allows their current account holders to send and receive cash using only their mobile phones. You can use it to send cash up to the aforementioned sum of £300 to anyone as long as you have their mobile number.

How doth it worketh? Simpleth - users call the recipient's mobile number via the Pingit app, key in an amount between £1 and £300, and hit send. The money is moved between the two current accounts using the Faster Payments service taking as little as 30 seconds.

Barclays say that it will be useful in circumstances such as splitting a restaurant bill or paying for lapdances. Sorry, that should have been paying the window cleaner or other small tradesmen. Pingit is available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android-powered phones. Impressively, they say that although non-Barclays customers can only receive payments at the moment, they’ll shortly be able to send them as well, meaning that Pingit could become the standard app for this sort of thing.


  • Mike H.
    Even Kenya has had this technology before the UK, KENYA!
  • Phil
    No spell checking then - Pinigit in the second paragraph. Saying that Pinigit does sound a bit better (Pini-git)...
  • Another A.
    Got lions and tigers; only in Kenya! Forget Norway.
  • Darren
    please send it to. 079 - 58008618 where's my calculator.... D
  • SJT
    Of no use to HSBC customers then. I'm sure you'll need to have your stupid little pocket calculator to do anything with this.
  • kev
    So now, If I lose my phone or have it stolen, the thief could also empty my bank account?. It might be a good idea if I can control who I send the money to (aka an approved list of mobile numbers) but that would be too complicated for the banks to do.
  • Dick
    They can only do £300 per day though. So yes, they could empty your bank account if you have less than £300.01 in it.
  • Mike
    They could probably make calls for a greater value than £300 and its pretty easy to trace money so that has been sent by this app. So who would the thief send it to? Or you could just lock your phone.
  • Mienaikage
    I'm told it refuses to run on rooted devices, which isn't so bad I guess considering the fact that I left Barclays months ago anyway.
  • fra
    PayPal app does this with added level of security that you can cancel ur PayPal account if phone gets stolen.
  • SgtMunky
    @fra you mean that paypal that allows scammers on ebay to steal your money, then support them? Yay Paypal...
  • Dick
    As reported on HUKD you can legally make money by signing up to this. You get one whole pence. I'm in.

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