Pay-freeze to last 'til 2020! Hurray!

23 January 2012

wagesAre you one of those ordinary families? Great news! Your wage won't be hitting the heady-heights of pre-recession Britain 'til at least 2020, according to a depressing report from a leading thinktank. It goes without saying that the income of the wealthy will continue to rise over the same period.

The study has been produced by the independent Resolution Foundation, and look at the situation of 10 million adults who don't rely heavily on support from the state. They're called 'the squeezed middle' or something.

Basically, its those households without children that earn between £12,000 and £29,000.

Labour's welfare spokesman, Liam Byrne, will debate the report's implications with LibDem MP David Laws at the foundation's London offices. The two haven't met since the former Treasury secretary Byrne's infamous note in 2010 to his successor, Laws, which read: "There's no money left."

The report's author, Matthew Whittaker, said there was a "growing inequality of earnings", adding "members of the squeezed middle did not share in the spoils of economic growth in the pre-recession years, with wages at the median and below stagnating. Gains instead flowed primarily to higher income households and, more particularly, to those at the very top of the distribution."

"If this trend continues once growth returns it may not be just those on low and middle incomes finding themselves left behind in the next decade, but rather the majority of society."

A spokesman for the Treasury said: "The government has taken decisive action to tackle the deficit, which has helped to keep interest rates low for businesses and families. We recognise that people are feeling squeezed and the government is doing what it can to help, reducing fuel duty so taxes on fuel are 6p lower than they would have been, freezing council tax and implementing an increase in the personal allowance in April, taking over 800,000 of the lowest paid out of tax."


  • Mike H.
    Companies having to shell out for maternity is the biggest problem. Other employees have to pick up the extra work. Then the stupid bitch quits and leaves the others to do their fucking job, without the position being filled! And women want equal pay?!?!?!?
  • Quinty
    It's good you're reasonable about the continuation of the species Mick, otherwise people might think you were a nutter
  • Well D.
    Seems fairly obvious that if you have thousands of people with similar skills and qualifications at the same pay level and thousand in the wings unemployed, waiting to jum into their shoes, then an employer would be an idiot to give them beyond inflationary wage rises. The people who are skilled and well educated can jump from job to job if they don't get a year on year wage rise of 10& plus. And if that stops happening, they just move abroad and the UK loses the biggest tax contributors and spenders.
  • Mustapha S.
    I blame the entitlement culture. People who fucked about at school, despite warnings from parents that they'll end up on benefits, drugs, or even worse, working at Nando's, they still didn't give a shit and carried on. Now 10 years down the line, they're stuck at home wanking in to an envelope every day while people like me get to laud it over everyone with an air of superiority. They see other people on decent money, because they have better skills as a result of dedication to their education, and they think it isn't fair. Why should they have a new car or TV? Well fuck you, I'm glad this country is leaving you floating around in the shitter. Perhaps one day someone will be brave enough to flush so my tax won't have to be paid as benefits to your fat ass.
  • bob
    Good. They can start to earn their place instead of lazily working unskilled jobs and wanting everything. Push them back to the bottom of the ladder if they keep being lazy.
  • PJH
    "Basically, its those households without children that earn between £12,000 and £29,000." In other news today, we have the church (among others) complaining that those who don't want to work, could be limited the equivalent of up to £35,000 before tax...
  • ChipOnMyShoulder
    That is so not fair. I woked hard at skool getting a btec in life skills and my job at Nandos is like well hard. They made me do it or I will loose my jsa, lasted a whole day too but had to get outta there as the man kept yelling at me to get off my fat ass and clean toilets. Like who does he think I am! Well atleast now I know how to stuff birds so I'm off to start my ten kid family and earn more than you, you smug git. :)
  • JeremyKyle
    Hey it keeps my smug mug on your Telly!
  • Pay-Freeze?
    I don't know of anyone suffering from pay-freezes? It could just be the industry I'm in, but even I just receieved a 40% increase in salary as I got offered work with another company. I guess as long as you're valuable to your employers and bring them in a tidy profit, you always have the room to negotiate a pay-rise, whatever the economic climate.
  • br04dyz
    is a 40% payrise equivalent to two name badge stars or three?
  • Narc
    @Pay-Freeze: 40% pay rise? I thought the street value of Class As was going down?
  • Christy
    I'm with MikeHock - Typical "Return to work after maternity leave interview" - Can i come back to work 16 hours a week but not if there's an R in the month I'm ill my sprogg's ill my babysitter/mum/aunt/Gran is ill, There's a school play,choir, strike or sportsday. WTF does the world only go round beween 10 and 2.00 term time?
  • Richard
    How the hell does a household earn 12k without extra benefits. I've just finished uni and work 27 hours a week at tesco atm, whilst i'm looking for a grad job, earning 14.5k and i'm about 4k p/a short of being able to move out of my parents house :-P
  • Che B.
    Work where I do and no chance of a pay increase until 3030 nevermind 2020 which is SHIT

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