Painting bought for £30 is actually worth £250,000

It’s the kind of thing that gives little old ladies heart attacks on Antiques Roadshow - a crappy little painting bought for £30 and put away in a drawer turned out to be a John Constable original and is now worth £250,000.


Rob Darvell, whose Dad bought the postcard sized painting at auction 10 years ago as part of an unwanted mixed lot, was told the news when he appeared as a guest on TV show Treasure Detectives. It didn't take much detective work, admittedly - it was actually signed ‘J.Constable’ on the back. DUH.

Curtis Dowling from the TV show - which is broadcast on Freeview graveyard channel Yesterday - was understandably excited by the discovery. ‘To add this to John Constable’s canon of work is wonderful. A large section of the art world will be salivating to get their hands on it.’

The rural scene is thought to be painted in Suffolk, where Constable lived and worked.

‘In the minutes leading up to the valuation, I was so nervous that my heart was beating like crazy. Now I’m in a state of shock. This news is everything I was hoping for, and more.’ Said Mr Darvell, mentally calculating how many trips to Vegas he could get for 250 grand.

'It’s moving to think such a great artist painted it,' he added. 'I suspect we will want it hung in a gallery for a while, so the public can see it.'

Yes, as opposed to 'shoved in a drawer'.

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    Lucy you sound very bitter today - i mean i know this is bitterwallet - but still. cheer up :D

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