Why every home needs an Owl

How much electricity is the plasma television burning its way through? Can you make a small fortune making the kids go to sleep with the lights off?

Unless you've devoted any meaningful time to sitting under the stairs and peering at the meter, you won't have a clue which appliance is using how much of the stuff.

And that's why you need an owl. Not the feathered variety, unless it can spin its head round fast enough to generate current.

The OWL Wireless Energy Monitor is an electricity usage monitor which shows you how much electricity you use at home and how much it costs you. It's portable too, therefore providing hours of entertainment as you repeatedly flick sockets on and off to see how much you're spending.

It even displays your household carbon emissions, so you can sleep tight knowing exactly to what degree you're destroying the planet.

The manufacturers boast that being able to micro-manage your usage means that a family can reduce their electric bill by 25%. There's no need for a sparky either as sensors clip directly onto your existing electricity meter's cabling.

Costing just £29.99 at Ethical Superstore, it seems a sound investment in these cash-strapped times, even if the kids are forever scarred by your economic tyranny. Tell them the monsters under the bed will keep them safe. Mwah ha ha.


  • Google’s B.
    [...] monthly sum and saved $3,000″). The system is still in private testing; there are already devices available in the UK allowing you to do this, but they lack the convenience of an online display reminding you to turn [...]
  • Darren
    Forget the owl, get a Current Cost (www.currentcost.com)

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