One in 11 struggling to pay housing costs

If you’re worried that you might not be able to make the rent or mortgage this month, you’re not alone. The financial squeeze is so bad that one in 11 people are worried they might not be able to pay up for the roof over their head.


That’s according to a survey by Shelter, who polled 4000 people and found that families were most affected – 70% of them were struggling or falling behind with payments – because children are hideously expensive, and so is everything else.

Campbell Robb of Shelter said that families were finding themselves in a ‘nightmare scenario’ of high energy bills, extortionate housing costs, frozen wages and increased cost of living. There is no money in the pot. In fact, someone has sold the pot and taken it to Cash Converters to buy little Jimmy a Scalextric.

Shelter have also warned there will be an ‘ostrich effect’ with people ignoring bills and urgent outstanding payment and getting into more and more trouble.

Mr Robb said: ‘It’s a worrying sign of the times that so many of us are starting the New Year worried about how they'll pay their rent or mortgage in 2014. Unless they get help, some of the families struggling now could face the very real prospect of losing their home this year.’

Over to you, the government!

‘Our efforts to tackle the record deficit we inherited have kept interest rates down, rent rises below inflation, and mortgages more affordable, while mortgage arrears are at a record low and repossessions at their lowest level since records began in 2008.’ said Housing Minister Kris Hopkins, who claims the heating bills for his second home on expenses.


  • James E.
    Shelter is a Scottish charity so their stats will be regarding Scotland will it not?
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  • Tits M.
    If you're living on the breadline its all about priorities. i.e. Pay O2 iPhone 5 contract monthly fee first, followed by Sky HD subscription, then make sure fridge is full of Skol and adequate Benson & Hedges remain in your pocket, then worry about housing & council tax, and then if any cash is left over feed one of the 5 kids. Probably at McDonalds.
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  • duck
    Fuck off pingback
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  • Milky P.
    Its gonna be more than 1 in 11 when IR's go up. Kris Hopkins mentions keeping interest rates down and rent rises low but the elephant in the room is house prices are too high. Let the IR's go up to where they should be and house prices will go down and people will actually be able to afford to buy the houses without stupid schemes to lock you in too much debt for the next 25 years. Of course none of this will happen until after the election but its will only be a few thousand suckers that lose out...
  • noshit
    There will be no 'correction' no 'crash'. If 2 ppl on average wage cannot save a deposit in a few years then they are not serious. You'll never own a home if you can't be arsed and there are plenty who can't be. Live amongst your brethren in dog shit areas on low wages and benefits. The broken furniture and chldrens toys that litter your front garden are a give away. Interest rates will go up but 1% in 2 years or 3% in 10 years. Free schooling but still vast numbers of our own choose to pretend to be undiscovered celebs or grime artists and resist attempts to be useful members of society. My only hope is those that do make the effort are burdened less with paying the benefits for these retards. If you are weak minded or responsibility shy and still refuse to take on a manual job then so be it but having children to watch you suffer in your own Hell coz you can't be arsed is a sin and I don't know how you keep sleep seeing the pain on the little'uns faces knowing that yopu can't / won't provide as you are a fucking mug.
  • nonoshit
    Noshit, What you are saying is that we should pay to compete to get out of dogshit areas. I've lived in these areas, and paid mortgages there. What I didn't expect was for Blair, Brown & Balls to create debt on our children to give to those brethren you describe. So 15 years of hard work for nothing, because if you don't work and don't care, the government will want to avoid a riot, and cough up anyway. Being British then, is about escaping from the British, and blaming the Government for it.
  • noshit
    @nonoshit I'm not sure if I'm understanding you. I have never voted Labour, have you? Who do you think the 'British' are? Two ppl, work hard and have children in their late twenties as opposed to do nothing and have children in their teens? There is a disconnect between working to live ones life and collecting benefits to live ones life. Not many like to work but we do it as it is the right thing to do no matter what it is, this doesn't seem to dawn on many. If the sight of ppl from aboard coming here to do all manner of jobs, some of which are unskilled, has not prompted our own to get involved then a dose of poverty is the only thing left. I mean real poverty not Labour sponsored poverty. The real shame is working ppl under national average paying any tax at all & that tax going to scum bags. True wealth should be 'taxed' from the vast piles some sit upon to allow the tax allowance of 15k IMO.
  • nonoshit
    The people collecting the benefits are only doing so on behalf of the land owner. Luckily, the owners are able to put a tax on the people's children in order to pay for the money that kicks back to the owners. It's a nice little scam. Simply steal or buy up all the squares on the Monopoly board, then wait for the public to land on them. Once they're bankrupt, import more players and strip them of their lifetime's effort.
  • noshit
    @nonoshit The ppl collecting benefits do the stripping of others lifetime's efforts.

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