Ombudsman inundated with bank complaints

Them banks – they’re a right old set of snivelling, responsibility-dodging tosspots aren’t they? You might not agree, unless you’ve tried airing a grievance against one of them recently.

The Financial Ombudsman Service has reported receiving 40% more complaints against banks than they expected over the past year. More significantly, around 60% of complaints have been judged in favour of the consumer, as opposed to the normal level of between 30-40%.

Those figures suggest that banks are stonewalling the vast majority of their customers’ grievances, with the truth only being revealed once the customer escalates the complaint to the ombudsman. Perhaps we’re living in a new climate where we’re not prepared to be fobbed off and are more comfortable with standing up for ourselves. Following the ongoing bank charges rumpus and the credit crunch, we’re definitely living in a climate of stronger anti-bank feeling.

If you’ve got a grievance against a financial institution, start off by complaining directly to them - by law they have eight weeks to respond. If they fail to do so or reject your complaint, you have a further six months to take your case to the FOS. Call 0845 080 1800 or visit .

Have you found yourself caught up in the long, drawn-out complaint process? Did you win comfortably and now walk a few inches taller or did the whole thing send you a bit Susan Boyle? Go on, tell us.

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  • chocky2002
    the reference to susan boyle isnt funny, nor clever. how is it right to mock someone who has learning difficulties and possibly experiencing a breakdown? your comment does nothing to educate people about mental illness

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