Old banking names gone as Santander steam in

Three long-serving names will be leaving the banking world over the coming year as Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley will all become Santander (their new Spanish owners) by 2010.

1,300 branches will be renamed over the next year, with customers automatically switched over. Here at Bitterwallet, we think it’s a shame, for no other reason than we’ve got a bit of a thing for the lass in the Bradford & Bingley ad campaign (right). Truly, we ARE that shallow.

Will the switchover affect you? Are you even bothered or will the idea of placing your money in the hands of Spaniards give you sleepless nights?

Over at top spoof news site The Daily Mash, they’ve put their own spin on it all


  • Brad
    Yeah! the Bradford & Bingley girl can come sort out my accounts any time. No really im in financial trouble and the bailiffs are coming round next week.
  • Mike H.
    Yeah me too Andy, if the bint in the bola gets binned, I'll be shifting my savings elsewhere.
  • andy y.
    Well its nothing more than a name change,If you have issues with saving with a spanish owned bank..its too late. Might get a dusky olive maiden to oggle at.Or it might Hamilton's ugly fisog
  • Jill
    Your money is already "in the hands of the Spaniards", and has been for 5 years now in the case of Abbey.
  • Song B.
    As Jill said, the Spaniards have had the money for some time now. I once had the misfortune to receive an error message when going through Abbeys online banking pages, shortly after their takeover. Unfortunately the error page was in spanish!
  • Debs
    hopefully they will sort out the fraud team at Abbey cos they are a total waste of space, also hope they crack down on fraud. shame to see high street brands going again, but thats progress
  • pauski
    Scorhio, scorcio dealo.
  • Tom P.
    Those Spanish cock suckers at Santander haven't even paid me a penny for my B&B shares yet, and they're already acting like they own the place.
  • Namer
    High street brands are not going, they're still there, it's the same company, just a different name. If YOU changed your name, you wouldn't be gone, you'd still be there but just have a different name.
  • Nobby
    I reckon some branches will be disappearing. We have 2 A&L branches, 1 Abbey and 1 B&B all within 500m of each other. I cannot believe all four will survive. I thought the whole point of them supporting Lewis Hamilton was to publicise the name Santander in the UK, ready for this change for the Abbey, and latterly the other banks they have taken over.
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