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Yeah, so everyone does ATM machines, and a few might even boast of delivering your hard-earned cash in a swift and timely manner. But can any service you've used begin to compare to the promise here? And you thought the future of money was an implant in your wrist. Wrong.


  • WTF
    What the fuck are you on about?
  • Nick T.
    @WTF I think it's a "joke" on the abbreviation's alternative definition of "ass to mouth". Chortle.
  • chittles
    maybe it's because its a hand-drawn sign referring to an ATM machine as "high tech"? Thought that was easy to be honest lads.
  • WTF
    Well maybe its a combination of both... No reference to a date, or where the photo was taken. Slow news day?!?!?!?
  • Tom
    Haha ass to mouth, i get it now (yes i get atm too) ATMs work on windows 98 so not high tech..
  • cheese
  • zeddy
    Where is this? Nottingham?
  • the m.
    the death of money - scareing the shit out of me and a much better read
  • Internet T.
    Contender for most pointless bitterwallet article ever?

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