Oddbins offer discount to bankers, writers and gingers

11 January 2013

While you're out-and-about, if you pass an Oddbins, you may well see a sign that says you can have money off booze if you're a banker or a journalist.

What's this all about? Well, it appears that Oddbins wants to give discounts through January, not to students, but rather, "people who, in 2012, did not always receive the love that they probably deserved". As well as bankers and journalists, this offer extends to Germans, mothers and redheads.

Recently, mothers were offered a discount as Oddbins reckons our mums are getting a bad deal with the government’s cap on maternity pay. The staff at the branch we spoke to looked weary with requests for this ker-azy offer. Either way, if you're a ginger German banker who runs a blog and has children, get to Oddbins and clean up.


  • chewbacca
    Fair point really. Always pisses me off when unemployed scum get "concession" rates at places. They should be using their time to look for jobs, not going to the cinema, swimming etc.
  • Jeremy K.
    Why mothers? All they do is swig tea and watch TV all day whilst the washing machine does all the work, then pick the kids up and whine about what "hard work it is managing a house". No it isn't: if you're organised and intelligent it's fucking easy.
  • Sicknote
    We bankers get discounts all over London; only last week I managed to get 18% off my wife's third Rolex watch. Shop's fall other themselves for our hard earned cash.
  • Bishopslips
    Give it away free, maybe they'll fucking kill themselves.
  • Han S.
    I do love twats like chewbacca who have literally no understanding of how life works. Completely irrational arguments by fucking idiots who class anybody unemployed as being 'scum'. You're more scum than they are. Now get off my ship, bigot.
  • shiftynifty
    Bankers...hey ...gotta love the shit they create....and the government...the regulations they make... Oddbins....for odd fuckers
  • Gabriella
    Sicknote you are a wanker !
  • Gabriella
    Sorry wrong thread meant for Jessops one.

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