No more loyalty points with Amazon credit card

amazoninstant Have you got an Amazon credit card? Well, you might want to switch to another reward card because, as of this month, you won't be able to reap loyalty points to spend with them.

Why? Well, MBNA - who issue the MasterCard - said that their relationship with the internet behemoth is "coming to an end" from 30th September. Customers have been written to, but if you missed, or indeed, where eyeing one up, you might want to consider your options.

An MBNA spokesperson says: "The partnership between MBNA and Amazon will come to an end on 30 September. We have had a very successful relationship with since 2009 and have been issuing credit cards to customers in the UK for almost five years."

After this month, you'll be switched to MBNA's Standard or Reward credit card.

Mercifully, if you're switched over, the current interest rate you pay, promotional rates, credit limits, PIN number and any fees will stay exactly the same and you'll get a new card in the post by the 31st October.

Sadly, you're not going to be able to choose which card you receive and, in some cases, customers won't be offered one at all. MBNA have been reviewing customers, so if you've been having any bother with payments or whatever, you might not be eligible for a new account.

MBNA's Standard card is basically the same as your Amazon card, however, it won't give you loyalty points when you spend. The Reward card gives you two points for every £1 spent on it during the first three months and one point per £1 after, which can be spent on the High Street, but not with Amazon.

If you have points, spend them now. If you don't, then they'll be converted into a gift certificate and emailed to you.

Of course, there's a load of reward cards on the market where you can get supermarket points and airmiles and all that, so if you want treats for spending, then shop around and have a look at, for example, Santander's 123 Cashback card or the American Express Platinum Everyday card.


  • trolleyfucker
    They've done the same with the card as well.
  • Jack M.
    Dicks... Probably nothing to do with partnership ending, It was costing them a shit load of money, I averaged £30 a month in amazon vouchers this was a fantastic deal. The other deals are like 000.1p per point None will ever be as good as this one Sep 30th card cancelled......

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