New polymer £5 note are go!

New polymer £5 notes are go!

The new plastic (or polymer, if you prefer) £5 note is ready to go, and has started entering circulation, which means you could have one in your hands very soon.

Feel free to be unimpressed, or overreact on social media because you don't like change.

This new note is supposed to be stronger, and safer. With it being stronger, it means they'll last longer, which in turn means that they won't have to be printed off as frequently, which saves on production costs.

It will be able to go through a thorough spin in the washing machine, say the Bank of England, and of course, it is harder counterfeit.

It'll also feature the face of Sir Winston Churchill, looking his usual cheerful self.

Bank of England governor Mark Carney says: "The New Fiver, made of polymer, will be cleaner, safer and stronger."

"Resistant to dirt and moisture, it will stay in good condition for longer. The new security features make it harder to counterfeit."

"While the use of polymer means it can better withstand being repeatedly folded into wallets or scrunched up inside pockets and can also survive a spin in the washing machine."

What about the fivers we're used to? Well, the notes that star Elizabeth Fry are legal tender until May 2017, so you've got time to spend them.

There's also going to be a polymer £10 note due as well, which will come into play in 2017. And by 2020, a plastic £20 will be in your hands too

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