New plastic banknotes given the green light, starring Austen and Churchill

The Bank of England are all set to release new plastic banknotes for the first time, with a new design featuring Sir Winston Churchill on the £5 note and Jane Austen on the £10.

Churchill will start appearing in 2016 and Austen will follow in 2017.

This switch comes after a 3 years of research that found these new polymer notes to be cleaner, last longer and more difficult to counterfeit.

Winston Churchill on next £5 bank note

The public were asked too and after handling them, 87% were in favour of polymer with 6% opposed (7% didn't care either way).

Governor Mark Carney said: "Ensuring trust and confidence in money is at the heart of what central banks do. Polymer notes are the next step in the evolution of bank note design to meet that objective."

"The quality of polymer notes is higher, they are more secure from counterfeiting, and they can be produced at a lower cost to the taxpayer and the environment."

Sadly, the Queen will still be on the front unless she dies.


  • Tim
    3 years of research? Did that involve travelling around the world to countries that have been using them for years..
  • KP K.
    Had them in Ulster for 15 year nearly now.
  • Rams D.
    You can't fold them brilliant so how are you going to shove them in you pocket when your in a rush
  • Fat B.
    So are they going to be the same size as regular notes?
  • Nigella
    Nooooo...... Plastic notes are useless!
  • Garty B.
    Lower cost to the tax payer and environment? Bullshit! Another strategy to devolve cash. Those people who've stashed their cash get a small window before only banks will accept the 'old' notes and Mister Taxman can assess 'criminal' activity.

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