New £50 note is practically a rich man's executive toy

Due to the current economic situation, very few of us are ever likely to see one, but we feel obliged to tell you that a brand new £50 note has hit the streets. The boffins at the Bank Of England have come up with this…


…and it’s a novelty £50 note – the kind of type you can buy on the promenade at Blackpool. Top security feature is a broken green line with moving images of the pound symbol and the number 50 – when you tilt the note, the images move from side to side.

At the moment, there are just four cash machines in the UK that are carrying the wacky new note, all of them in the City of London. Fucking typical – the rich get all the perks yet again. AND it's got steam trains on it! Bastards!


  • Nick T.
    Steam trains AND a couple of Brummies. Ar!
  • Dick
    It would look better without SPECIMEN written on it.
  • PokeHerPete
    Yeah, it would look better without seamen on it.
  • heywood j.
    So will any shops actually accept this £50 note now ? Car dealers and drug dealers are the only ones that take mine at the moment :(
  • Frank
    @heywood jablome: most shops do, even news agent.
  • Antje
    Copyright legislation for banknotes only (that from 1981) actually requires the word specimen to be used.
  • Simon
    I went into a casino in Manchester and everybody but me had 50 notes :O a lot goes on in Manchester of which you would only usually see in the stories on GTA

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