NatWest online banking has problems with scam

nat west app Both NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland have been apparently hacked by journalists from BBC Radio 4's You and Yours programme. If journalists can hack a banking app, then an unborn foetus could probably do it too.

Anyway, there's a lot of concern over the safety of online banking apps at the moment, as they increase in popularity. A number of scams have included new forms of ransomware and the rise of ‘smishing' techniques (which is being phished by SMS).

The journalists (dubbed 'hack hackers', irritatingly) used smishing techniques to break into a UK citizen's account, where they removed money.

This particular scam works by blocking your phone, without you knowing why your device has stopped working. While hackers have control of the handset, the user's bank account is vulnerable to all manner of things.

Either way, as a result of this hack, NatWest and RBS have vowed that they are going to change their systems.

Chris Popple, managing director of NatWest Digital told the BBC, "This is a cross-industry problem, particularly with us [banks] and the telecom companies. We are working with Financial Fraud Action UK to make sure we're communicating with each other... to make sure mobile phone security is as strong as it possibly can be."

Action Fraud UK has tweeted an example of a smishing text. You can see it below, so if you get one, delete it.


Keep an eye out for badly spelled words and remember, if you ever get a message like this and you're suss about it, it is always worth ringing your bank for further details.


  • oldgit
    Convenient=Not secure. Secure=Pain in the a*se. Its your choice..
  • Father J.
    Yep, online banking is as safe as houses. Anyone who doesn't use it needs to get a tinfoil hat etc. blah.

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