Complaints get NatWest and RBS slapped with fines

complaintAh banks! You really, really spoil us. No. Seriously. We're sullied and weary because, at every single turn, one of you is pissing us off royally and, in the case of Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest, we can't even complain to you about it.

And the FSA agree with the collective 'us' as they've been ordered to cough-up £2.8m for being hopeless when responding to complaints. The fine would have been bigger, standing at £4m if the banks hadn't agreed to settle earlier.

The Telegraph report that FSA's investigation found that there was an "unacceptably high risk that customers may not have been treated fairly due to a number of failings within the banks' approach to routine complaint handling".

This includes delays in responding to customers and "poor quality" investigations into complaints, with complaint handlers seemingly not bothering to get all the appropriate information when making their decision based on our gripes.

All this isn't helped by the fact that the FSA have judged that RBS/NatWest failed to fully address all concerns raised by customers and didn't explain why complaints had been upheld or rejected. And to cap it off, the banks haven't been telling their customers that they were able to refer complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

This doesn't mean you should give the staff you deal with a hard time because the FSA found that this pair of companies haven't given the staff given the task of handling complaints enough training. All-in-all, its all a rather sorry state of affairs.

Margaret Cole, the FSA's managing director of enforcement and financial crime, said: "We expect firms to treat customers fairly and that consumers can be confident that their complaints will be dealt with properly. The failure of these two high street banks to deal adequately with complaints put consumers at unacceptable risk and the fine of £2.8m reflects this.

"The poor complaints procedure of RBS and NatWest came to light during our review of complaint handling in major banks. The review showed that banks need to make major changes to handle consumer complaints fairly and the FSA will continue to take appropriate action to ensure these changes are put in place."

Even though we own these banks, it really doesn't seem like they want to treat us very fairly, unsurprisingly.


  • Paul
    Doesn't that just mean that we the Tax Payer who own something like 83% of RBS (no, I haven't checked) have just helped pay for not being able to complain to RBS?! Awesome.
  • Alexis
    So, not only were the 'helpful banking' adverts that clogged up every sodding ad break for 6 months immensely irritating and patronising, they also turned out to be absolute bollocks.
  • Dave A.
    RBS is worth what? £50bn approx? A 2.8M fine is about 1/18000th of that. Extrapolating, If I earned £50 grand a year, my equivalent fine would be £2.70. I bet RBS are sh1tting themselves. In fact, its probably worth them getting rid of customer support entirely, its probably cheaper to be fined than to have the department in the first place.
  • JOHN D.
    Natwest the bank that likes to help, THEMSELVES TO YOUR MONEY. Iwas manovered into aloan of £17500 plus PPI costing £5600 total amount £36000.they then tried to get me to switch motgage for the 5th time which i declined due to pre existing health condition .They then told me i could have the same insurance as on my £22 500 bank loan that was pre existing condition fre so i did fell ill they tried to repossess my home but were out manovered . following a quadruple heart bye pass with complications resulting in chronic lymphodema , onset of type two diabetes ,liver problems caused by prescibed drugs severe stress resulting in counselling and new concerens over heart valve. Natwest stop paying after 5 years stating i'm fit to return to work . they then demand that i get reports from my five cosultants to hepl them close my claim BUT hang on you cheating lying shower of corrupt bastards you took £5600 off me for PPI so get off your great fat arrogant arses and do what you stole money off me for . just to finish they have lied threatened harrassed so we go back to the ombudsman again only this time i'm following it through if the stress kills me then so be it but i haunt the bastards i give my word and thats off an honourable man ,who's now very very bloody pissed off and wants heads.
  • Envy Y.
    I have 5 complaints with RBS, they have taken nearly 10 weeks to come up with a number of pathetic and bank policy excuses filled with lies and bizare conclusion that everything is my fault. Go on their "have your own say" web-site chat forum it throws out all negative comments and only publishes good , back slapping information regarding their products , obviously a creation of their marketing department. I had all 6 of my topics rejected, why did you take nearly 10 weeks to look at my complaints? when are you going to give me back the money you took out by mistake? and does your marketing department run this site?. Have your own say what a load of crap its just a modern version of the "ask Alice" and "dear Dedrie " micky mouse features that used to appear in the papers years ago.

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