Nationwide offer rewards if England win the 2010 World Cup

EngerlandDepending on what you think England's chances of winning this summer's World Cup are, here's some news that is either deemed good or a crock of shit.

Basically, the Nationwide building society has launched a fixed-rate savings bond which will put more money in your wallet if the England football team manages to avoid any penalty shoot-outs and actually manage to lift the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

The Guardian reports that this four-year Football Bond, with a minimum investment of £1,000, pays 4.15% gross, plus an additional bonus if England triumphs this summer.

What kind of bonus? Well, if we see the unlikely sight of Rio Ferdinand holding the trophy aloft, an additional fixed bonus of 0.5% gross per annum will be paid from 14 May 2011 until the bond matures in four years.

So there.

It's not going to happen though, so what can you do?


  • JImbo
    4.15% -pretty shite even without the bonus for 4 years investment time
  • Nobby
    It's a very poor rate. 4.15% sounds high, but that is over four years, not per year.
  • singhster
    There's a load of these shit deals about. If you think England are going to win the World Cup put a fricking bet on it, don't dick around with savings accounts, new TVs etc. What a load of wank.
  • MrRobin
    @Nobby: No, it's 4.15% AER so each year, not just 4% over the 4 years. 0.5% bonis is pretty piddly to be honest, I don't think anyone is going to be swayed by either a) the bonus or b) the likelyhood of England actually winning.
  • Nobby
    My mistake, just checked, it is 4.15% AER. They should be careful how they advertise it. If they don't put AER on a longer term bond, it usually means their rate is very poor.
  • Amanda H.
    I couldnt put a condom on in time, now ive messed myself.
  • JImbo
    yes it 4.15% a year, but thats still shti since you are committed for 4 years. By the time anything could have changed. better either sticking in it in an isa for a year or if you want long term a trust would be better -ive averaged about 7% a year over the last 20 years give or take.
  • The B.
    Remind me again, is football the one where they all roll around on the floor like girls and the national team never win anything?
  • DrTrouserPlank
    "Posted by The Real Bob | May 14th, 2010 at 3:54 pm Remind me again, is football the one where they all roll around on the floor like girls and the national team never win anything?" Yup that's the one. When the players aren't going for gold in the synchronised diving event, they are usually out and about breaking the law in some way or another.

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