Nationwide IT meltdown

Nationwide Customers of Nationwide have been having a nightmare trying to use their mobile banking, after the building society suffered a breakdown on their IT services this morning, with millions unable to do what they need to do with their accounts.

On their website, a statement says: "We're sorry to have to tell you that your Online Bank is unavailable. We are making every effort to restore service as quickly as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience this will cause you."

Of course, this has seen a lot of people venting spleen on the internet, saying all the usual stuff you'd expect in a scenario like this.

Some customers have said that they've not been able to access their account since Friday, which is pretty rotten. It does seem, however, that everything is fine if you want to withdraw money from a cash machine and things seem okay if you want to make a card payment in a shop.

What will irritate customers of the Nationwide, is that this has happened before, with a similar glitch occurring in 2013.

Anyway, if you have any pressing concerns, get to your local branch or get in touch with them on the phone or by email. Contacts are available here.


  • Albi
    Good. Bloody awful company. Their mortgage people are utter tits.
  • Raggedy
    Ah, the internet. Where you can cheerfully tar thousands of people with the same brush because you once had someone look at you in a funny way. To be honest, this should only be affecting the drug dealers as most other people will be at work.
  • moongoose
    Certain banks have massive technology funding issues, I was recently looking at getting a mortgage and was shocked to see natwest using walkie-talkie radios to tell mortgage advisers when somebody is coming. I was also mortified to see a mortgage adviser entering my personal details into a machine running Windows XP and IE6. Finally I was told by a friend who works for their tech support that they have no remote assistance and simply have to talk workers through problems on the phone.
  • brookstreetboyo
    @ Raggedy. "should only be affecting the drug dealers". "cheerfully tar thousands of people with the same brush".

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