Nationwide computer freakery means double debit card deductions for customers

nationwide_2153673b The latest winner of the ‘Useless Bank Of The Week’ award is… Nationwide! Thanks to a glitch in their computer system, some customers have had debit card payments taken from their account not once but twice, sending some spinning into overdraft territory and picking up some automatic charges.

The cock-up means that some customers who made payments with their debit cards on Tuesday also had them taken out on Wednesday as well. If those customers had just migrated from NatWest after THEIR computer snarl-up, they probably won’t be able to sleep tonight from the stress.

Nationwide have said that the transactions will be corrected overnight tonight and all charges that are incurred as a result of the cock up will be refunded in full. Enraged customers took to Twitter to have a moan, which has resulted in Twitter itself breaking down. Possibly.


  • Homeless J.
    How can a building society win 'Useless Bank of the Week'?
  • Wongaporkpies
    Nationwide proud to be different, really with this cock up they are like all the others !
  • tin
    corrected overnight. that sounds different to me....
  • Paul F.
    Typical jump on the bandwagon journalism... They're not a bank they're a building society, big difference.

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