Nat West watch their complaints soar

Nat West's rubbish complaints department, yesterday

Now that we own Nat West, we can really moan at them when they're being useless. And that's exactly what we're doing as reports note a steep increase in complaints in the first half of 2011, receiving 147,109 grievances, up from 84,109 from the previous year.

The bulk of the complaints came from customers with current accounts, with 96,205 people venting spleen. That's 42pc more than in the same period last year.

Complaints for insurance-related products also rose,  increasing by 227pc with payment protection insurance (PPI) accounted for 31pc of gripes. It's a good thing the RBS (who own Nat West) set aside £850 million to pay for all those PPI claims, eh?

Brian Hartzer, chief executive of RBS and NatWest retail bank, said the bank was determined to fix the root cause of complaints and improve the handling procedure.

"We know we must do better still and I am confident we’ll see significant improvements in the months ahead,” he said.

Don't hold your breath.


  • Alexis
    My biggest complaint is the bloody irritating ad they have about dealing with complaints. You know, the one about some independent report nobody cares about THAT THEY GO ON ABOUT IN EVERY BLEEDIN AD BREAK FOR 6 MONTHS OF THE YEAR. The worst bit was that Welsh woman with the yellow teeth. Shudder.
  • sheryl
    Nat West Thanks to Nat West for employing a valuation company to over value my commercial property so I lost over £80K pounds. Nat West please don't employ company' Like Rebbeck's Brothers who clearly that day made an error on their valuation. The loan should have been declined but instead it was accepted because of an over valuation of £55K. Perhaps employers should inform their client of any medication their employees take, a health check is clearly in order because to over value by £55K is obscene. Do Nat West provide bonuses to their employees for obtaining loans? I trusted Nat West and I was wrong to do so.

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