More protection from bank scams, please

More protection from bank scams

There's a financial scam every 15 seconds, and over at Which!!!, they're worried that there's not enough protection for those who fall foul of them.

They say that those who have been conned out of money haven't got a legal right to get their money back from their banks, and as such, they've raised a super-complaint to regulators.

Basically, they want those who have suffered from a bank transfer scam to have the same protection that is offered to those that are victims of credit card fraud.

The consumer group are making a super-complaint to the Payment Systems Regulator, and they're telling the Financial Conduct Authority while they're at it.

Regulators have 90 days to investigate and respond to this.

Specifically, Which!!! want regulators to formally investigate the scale of bank transfer fraud, and how much that is costing people who are victim of it.

They also want to see some action taken on this problem, and propose some solutions and new measures, as well as greater liability for banks to make sure customers get more protection in this matter.

Talking to the BBC's Today show, Alex Neill from Which!!!, said: "Unfortunately, as payment systems have developed, consumer protection hasn't kept up. With bank transfers at the moment, consumers have no protection whatsoever, and we don't think that's right."

"Most of us don't realise is that if you're conned into paying out money to a fraudster you stand to lose all of your money, unlike when you use your credit or debit card."

"We believe that banks must do more to tackle bank transfer fraud and safeguard their customers from scams."

"Where is the risk best placed? Is it with the consumer as it is at the moment, or should it be with the banks?"

"We think it should be with the banks as they have the systems in place to actually check these sorts of things."

Katy Worobec, Director of Financial Fraud Action UK, responded: "Banks are legally obligated to fulfil a customer's request to transfer money even if they have warned the customer they are at risk of a potential scam."

"All banks will always work to recover stolen money, and last year recovered 40 per cent of funds taken through remote banking."

"We are disappointed that Which!!! did not first seek to find positive solutions to ensure the legal protections for customers work before taking the super-complaint route."

"Customers rightly expect banks to carry out transactions they have authorised, and banks will provide compensation on a case-by-case basis. However, a blanket approach is equivalent to asking an insurance policy to pay out for theft when the front door was left wide open."

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