Money shots you don't need a towel for

Most people wish they were made of money. Not literally of course - you'd either be highly flammable or the heaviest being on earth. Don't worry, these people aren't really made of £20 notes, it's merely an optical illusion, created using a camera and involving a process:

It's a neat series of photographs called Money Shots on taken by a lady called Jessica Shannon. It's very similar to the concept of Sleeveface, but appears to have been conceived of and published well before. There's more to see here if you fancy it.


  • acecatcher3
    i had to have a go myself paul!! it beats working haha!! what do u think??
  • Steve
    The person in the 1st pic looks like a relative or Boris Johnson!
  • magicbeans
    haha lve it ac3!!
  • starsparkle
    nice pic Ace, made me laugh - so, this is where you hang out now? lol!!! I may join you, better than that other place I usually post on
  • acecatcher3
    i got a quality one of my brother in law when i got home, it made me laugh!!
  • starsparkle
    That is quality, rofl
  • Heathrow h.
    i have to stay with it. it really look hardworking.
  • goodgame f.
    useful information thank you
  • Plakalı E.
    i hav e t o sta y wit it . it really look hardworking.

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