Mastercard want your selfies for payment ID

selfie Selfies eh? The mere mention of the word seems to make people of a certain age tremble with rage. 'Why would anyone want to take PHOTOS OF THEMSELVES AARGH?', say the generation who spent half their teens gazing at their reflections in shop windows.

Anyway, selfies are going to be utilised by Mastercard, as an alternative to passwords when you're verifying online payments. They'll also accept your fingerprints as well, if you have a gruesome face.

The company have been testing this photographic software in North America and the Netherlands, and apparently, 92% of those who tried it out said they preferred the system to tapping in passwords with their fingers.

It is thought that this might cut down on fraud, unless Hannibal Lecter copycats start stealing people's actual faces again.

Either way, Mastercard is now planning on rolling out this new technology to the UK, the whole of United States of America, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and Finland.

You'll be able to download special software for your computer, phone and whatnot.

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