Marriage made in hell? Ryanair will now take Paypal

ryanairRyanair is the airline we all love to hate, mostly because they never shy away from an opportunity to slap an extra charge on passengers, even mooting a charge to use the toilet on flights a little while ago. It seems obvious, therefore, that Ryanair’s latest partnership is with eBay payment service PayPal, who are also known for charging massive fees.

Although sketchy on the details, Ryanair have announced today that they are instigating a new ‘payment partnership’ with PayPal, to allow their 86m customers to book “even faster” on Europe’s biggest travel website.

Personally, we think the thing that would make the booking system fastest of all would be to remove all the add-ons, like insurance, cabin bags, car hire that all need refusing before you can make your booking, but perhaps that’s just us.

Now, anything that makes the consumer experience run more smoothly is clearly A Good Thing but past experience suggests that Ryanair in particular think additional charges are a good thing. No details of what charges, if any, will be levied in order to enjoy the convenience of paying by Paypal have yet been disclosed.

Of course, there may be no charges, Ryanair having tried on the “customer friendly” approach of late, which has seen a number of improvements and fee reductions, including allocated seating, a second free cabin bag, and a new website and app. Ryanair are even threatening to ‘unveil’ a new business offering in the near future.

Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs said: "Our partnership with PayPal is the latest element of our Always Getting Better programme and our commitment to the continued improvement of our customer experience, and follows the introduction of allocated seating, a free second carry-on bag, reduced fees, a new website, a new app and mobile boarding passes and our Ryanair Family Extra service. We will next unveil our tailored business product, as we continue to offer so much more than just the lowest fares.”

Not to be outdone, PayPal’s Vice President for Global Operations Europe, Middle East and Africa, Louise Phelan said:

"Ryanair revolutionised low fare air travel in Europe. As the pioneer of faster, safer online payments, PayPal is delighted to help Ryanair develop its customer experience by making it even easier and quicker for travellers to book and pay for their flights online. With our 152 million active accounts across the world, we’re also making it easier for businesses such as Ryanair to expand their international sales.”

However, the one word missing from all of this is ‘free’, so it is likely that one or other of the partners will be turning a fast buck to save you the bother of getting your debit card out of your wallet…


  • kv
    would you like some ketchup to go with that chip?
  • Slacker
    They're not that bad. I flew with them twice for the first time in years last month, and the booking procedure seemed pretty straightforward to me. But then I may be slightly more intelligent than some of the mouth-breathers who fly with them.
  • GodisIntheDetails
    Do we NEED any more reasons not to use either???

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