Man refused credit card because he looks like Pavarotti

6 August 2012

not pavarottiColin Miller got his application for a Barclays personalised photo card turned down because he looks too much like Pavarotti. Or Demis Roussos. Or just about any balding tubby man with a beard.

Anyway, staff thought he didn't own the copyright to his own face and told him to sling his large hook.

"I was shocked," said Colin. "I can't help who I look like. I don't try to look like him. I have had no cosmetic surgery and I don't try to do things to myself to look like him. I am being penalised for looking how I do."

He doesn't do things to himself to try and look like Pavarotti, apart from dressing up exactly like Pavarotti and getting paid to be a Pavarotti lookalike.

Anyone smell a publicity stunt by his agent at the lookalike firm? And he still looks more like Demis Roussos.

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  • Lionel H.
    What sort of cunt wants a photo of their own face on their credit card? Especially when they look like a prolapsed badger.
  • Noghar
    I've never heard of a Barclays personalised photo card, and clearly nobody actually needs one - so yes, it does sound to me like a PR stunt from the lookalike firm. Thanks, Bitterwallet, for playing along and encouraging the cunts.
  • Nikey H.
    Pavorotti ? Nah, he looks more like a fat Morgan Freeman
  • Sicknote
    Check out the website and the fat lady gaga tribute act Donna Marie, she needs to lay of the pies and then she'll look more like drag act gaga. I thought that chubby warbler Pavarotti was selling car insurance but I've just found he snuffed it.
  • Mario L.
    He looks nothing like Luciano Pavarotti, Pavarotti is an advanced state of decomposition, this person is quite obviously not.

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