Lottery makes Camelot record £3.5bn sales

When recessions hit, everyone starts gambling. With that, in these austere times, British gamblers bet a record £3.5bn on the National Lottery in the six months to 19th September.

That's a rise in ticket sales of 3.4%, with £999m spent on scratchcards too.

With that, the lotto operator, Camelot, managed to raise £750m for the London Olympics and Paralympics and gave a staggering (and again, a record) £953m to good causes in that six month period.

Camelot also paid out £1.9bn in prize money.

At least some good is coming out of this particular brand of gambling, unlike those twerps in the city, spunking money into bottomless pits and nearly taking Swiss banks down with them.



  • Nikey H.
    Yeah, cant believe that Ghanian almost took down UBS and 10,000 people had to be sacked to make up for the amount he lost the bank and that his dept. will be made to work harshly for 8 years. Twat needs to be beheaded. One reason why I hate African immigrants ( except Arab North Africans or South Africa's saffers ) . They are all dodogy like them Nigerians.
  • rob
    i know why there sales gone up because more and more peeps want to win but hey guess what you win nowt i been doing it for 17 yrs never missed won bugger all i be rich now even scrathcards are all a con they know peeps out there are fed up so camolt are just cashing in on us just like the rip off goverment are doing
  • james d.
    The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at maths.
  • Avon B.
    Those camolt bastards!
  • Spencer
    I've said it before... I'll say it again... expecting and asking a banker to not be selfish, self-serving and greedy... is like asking a fish not to swim. the guy needs to hand write a double sided A4 letter of apology to everyone of the 10,000 people whom got the boot cos of his cock up. he should personally address every single letter. in addition any of those poor people should be entitled to 5 minutes with him where he's put in some stocks and they (with their families) can throw cabbages, hot bovril and gravel.

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