Looking for a 0% credit card?

Looking for a 0% credit card?

If you've been looking for a 0% credit card, there's quite a few knocking around at the moment which may interest you.

There's currently something of a 0% credit card price war going on right now, so it is a good time to have a look at what's on offer, and perhaps move your balance to a new account.

Of course, if you are looking at one of these cards, do remember that to get the best out of the deal, you should ensure that you clear your debt before the 0% period runs out.

If you don't, you could end up being worse off than if you'd not switched in the first place. Be responsible with your money.

0% balance transfer credit cards with no fee

If you can clear what you owe in time, and don't want to pay anything now, then here's some cards to look at. All these cards are fee free.

AA Balace Transfer Credit Card - 24 months, 19.9% APR

Post Office Money Platinum Card - 22 months, 17.8% APR

Halifax 0% Balance Transfer Fee Offer - 23 months, 18.9% APR

Tesco Clubcard Credit Card with No Fee - 21 months, 18.9% APR

0% balance transfer credit cards to build credit which are available to those with a lower credit ratings

Barclaycard Platinum Balance Transfer – 18 months, 2.69% fee, 24.9% APR

Capital One Balance Card - 6 months 0%, 3% fee, 34.9% APR

0% balance transfer credit cards with the lengthy interest-free periods

Virgin Money Balance Transfer Card - 40 months, 2.53% fee - 20.9% APR

MBNA Platinum Credit Card - 39 months, 2.55% fee, 18.9% APR

Tesco ClubCard Credit Card - 40 months, 2.69% fee, 18.9% APR

Halifax MasterCard – 40 months, 2.54% fee, 18.9% APR

Lloyds Bank Platinum Credit Card – 39 months, 2.95% fee, 18.9% APR

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