Lloyds Group - officially complained about

Lloyds+BankBanks? Wanks more like - hur hur hur.

Yeah. Everyone hates banks don't they. Even people who enjoy working for a bank hate banks. They're all a shower of remorseless bastards, cackling as you drop deeper into debt after you gleefully accepted one of their acts of goodwill like a loan or an overdraft.

Not many people know this, but everyone in the banking world gets coal for Christmas from Santa every year... so you can blame the lack of our Earth's resources on those cockshafts as well.

But who is the worst?

Well, according to figures released today, the Lloyds Banking Group attracted more complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service in the second half of 2009 than any other financial firm. In the last 6 months, the FOS received 20,190 complaints about 'em, including 9,952 concerning Lloyds TSB which just happens to be the highest number of complaints about an individual bank.

This is almost double the number of disgruntery than those in second place - Barclays.

The two have switched positions at the top of the complaints table but both attracted considerably more complaints than in the first six months of last year.

The ombudsman found in favour of the consumer in a higher proportion of Barclays bank complaints, upholding 65% of the total claims against them with only 51% finding favour concerning Lloyds TSB. It's still a bit shit for both though.

During the last six months of 2009 the FOS received a total of 82,136 new complaints across the board, meaning an increase of 18% on the 69,841 cases received in the first half of 2009. The main offenders were the aforementioned, as well as Royal Bank of Scotland (with a total of 7,098 complaints), Abbey (4,918 complaints) and HSBC (3,881).

An average of 53% of complaints were upheld across all the financial groups. Not exactly 'top box service', eh?

David Thomas, interim chief ombudsman, said it was encouraging to see that some businesses were committed to handling complaints better, but added: "The data we have released today clearly shows that some businesses still need to do more to ensure that they deal with their customers' complaints effectively and fairly – so that consumers do not then need to escalate their dissatisfaction to the ombudsman."

In a statement, Lloyds Banking Group said it took all complaints seriously and was committed to ensuring that they were dealt with fairly, quickly and consistently.

"With over 30 million customers, the group has the largest customer base in the UK. The vast majority are happy with the service we provide and this is reflected in the low number of complaints we receive in relation to the high number of accounts we hold.

"We encourage our customers to share their views with us and we use that feedback to help us to provide a high quality of service. We are focused on developing a long-term and strong relationship with our customers, and the complaints and feedback process is an essential part of that relationship."

Have you had a bad time with Lloyds? Or any bank for that matter. Slag 'em off in the comments. Or indeed, slag anything off that takes your fancy, including this article. We're needy for attention... even the negative kind.



  • Jephro
    Meaningless numbers here, BitterWallet. What is important, as any sort of meaningful metric, is upheld complains per thousand customers. Then we could discuss whether or not Lloyds and Barclays customers (traditionally more professional people than, for example, Midland Bank or Yorkshire Bank) are more likely to complain or know their rights.
  • Steve B.
    I'd like to slag off the little rims at West Cornwall Pasty Co, who I've been toying with for the last year in a little game I've invented. Every time, I go in, and say "good afternoon (adjusted for time of day, of course) - I'd like a Cheese and Onion pasty please and nothing else". So here's the hook. On the day when they don't say "any hot or cold drinks" and/or "wedges with that, Sir?", I'll cease my game and claim victory. Sadly that day has not yet greeted me with the bristly hug of your granddad and I must fight on. Oh, I'm with Smile and they're really good.
  • Steve B.
    Midland Bank?? It's 2010 for fuck's sake!
  • Klingelton
    clearly the management have trained their puppets very well in the dark art of up-selling at the West Cornwall Pastry Co. kudos them.
  • Robovski
    Sure, they have the most complaints but they are also now the biggest retail bank in the UK as it is (amongst other brands) LTSB, Halifax and Bank of Scotland.
  • Steve B.
    @Klingelton - Kudos, my hind bits: I'm wise to their games. That's why I invented my own. @mof - good to see your story getting some real traction here. your turns of phrase do make me laugh though. I'll hand you that, despite posting a story with all the page-turning readability of some braille where all the bumps have been skilfully removed with a stanley knife.
  • oz
    They are all leaches and should be put up against a wall, stalin style. My incompetent bank Gnatwest (remember the Viz ad- no job no money, then fuck off, gnatwest bank) have really f***ed up my business account so much, they have threatened my solvency. all their fault. they were incapable of paying one of my suppliers threatening a major contract. they are that incompetent they cant even transfer money from my account to another even after my visit. i am really looking forward to taking them to the ombudsman and further. They cant even do the basics of banking to say nothing of the immoral and legally questionable antics of the likes of goldmans in greece. thank god at least obama has the balls to say enough is enough and break those barstewards up. what do our feckless lot do say it aint necessary and ask them nicely not to do it again. I was explaining to one of my staff why T.Bliar get a cool million a year for a few days work, he coulnt understand it until it sunk in that is a cosy club of 'dont regulate us and allow us to do what we want, and we will give you cushy jobs when another corrupt group looses the other job' they have all proved themselves to be immoral and would sell their grannies for a fiver, we must all be bitterwallet consumers and being active with where we put our money and where our pensions are going and say no no no. come on bitterwallet lets get a campaign together and actively shaft them. by the way they are not all totally bad, there are a few like a couple of the building societies that lend at 7% offer 3% savings and the difference is the profit. dead simple proper banking like it used to be. lets all move our money. Just in case you havent realised im having a bit of a rant and feely mildly irritated by this situation.
  • bchirpy
    I agree loving the turns of phrase too haha. As to the responses to the article, they brought me more sunshine today than Florida (greatly needed here.) Steve Blag obviously needs to write a few articles of his own, namely one about The West Cornwall Pastry Co, could start a nationwide game on Facebook.
  • Daniel
    @ Steve, what a sad little person you are to invent your "game" when ordering a flipping pasty. Be like the rest of us and say "No thanks" rather than trying some lame mind games.
  • Alasdair S.
    I had a complaint with Bank of Scotland (Lloyds Banking Group) over bank fees I shouldn't have been charged. They said that my account went over my authorised overdraft, yet, I had transferred money in from my business account to bring it back into credit. Despite my online banking and the paper statements they sent showing that my account was in credit at the time of the debits, they wanted to try and take £96 for apparently going overdrawn on two transactions. After 3 months of back and forth, with them sticking to the story that I was indeed overdrawn, they finally saw sense and refunded the charges when I sent them all the details special delivery in my last ditch attempt to resolve it before the ombudsman. I'm ok with bank charges if they are legitimate, but, that just took the right p*s*. They never refunded my special delivery postage fee either.
  • Steve B.
    I have many more mind games Daniel, each making me considerably happier than the next. Just wait until I unleash "Supermarket Dunk" on the world. You heard it here first. It will be a phenomenon. If we all went through life saying "no thanks", then life really would be lame, I assure you. That's why I love bitterwallet.
  • Steve B.
    considerably happier than the last, I should have said, so hold off on the flamethrower.
  • Steve B.
    ..oh, and if adding the words "and nothing else" to the end of a pasty order constitutes a mind game, then you'd better get making up a totally new lexicon for Zimbardo's 1971 Stanford Prison Guard experiment. That shit was off the fucking hook by comparison.
  • Steve B.
    @MOF - I'm sorry, I won't ruin your posts in the future. I love your work.
  • chris g.
    I had a couple of nightmares with Lloyds lasy year. I am 36 and have banked with them for 32 years. I have anumber of free accounts and also a joint account with my wife which is Platinum account. We are happy with our platinum account because we use the phone insurance and travel insurance and AA breakdown so it makes sense for us to pay for the account. Last year in May I noticed that one of my other accounts had suddenly been changed to a platinum account as well. When I phoned Llloyds they were less than helpful. Although they agreed that I would get not additional benefits from having 2 platinum accounts they maintained that I had agreed to the new account over the phone. I asked them to do an investigation into this as all phone calls are recorded. I received a letter 3 weeks later stating that they had completed their investigation and found the relevant phone call. Sadly due to a 'technical error' they were unable to listen to it. They then proceeded to say that they did not accept any responsibility for this but they were prepared to reimburse 50% of the fees I had paid. I told them this was unacceptable as if they were not accepting any responsibility then they were basically accusing me of lying. I then said that I was most concerned about how many other account holders were in the same position as me and that I would need to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service to let them know about this problem. They swiftly offered me a full refund but still did not accept any liability. I think it is very sad that these days unless you play hard with banks they will do all they can to screw you.
  • Joe
    HSBC's service has pretty much been spot on for me. Unsurprised about LBG, Halifax are a shower of cunts.
  • andyofyarm
    Luckily selling crack does not need much banking support.
  • Jesus
    I got a sausage and bacon roll from Greggs today and THAT was wank! On the plus side, they've started taking payments with card.
  • Fella-Tio
    Lloyds are shit, I bank with them currently, its fuck up after fuck up with them..piss poor company
  • simon c.
    T S B set of fucking wankers so are all the gready bastered banks, Every body should pull there money out,that would show them, gready fat pigs They have knaked this country and most people in it FUCK THEM
  • Peter B.
    The LLoyds problem is our societys problem because we cant stand together. If we could walk in there and withdraw all our money you would see that they go bankrupt in one day my friends. Till that day they will eat us. Lets get together and bankrupt them. Stand together and destroy them in one dayis all that is needed.Let us start a DAY OF TAKING OUR MONEY FROM LLOYDS. Let us make it the 20-12-2010 Are we standing together or not???
  • Ras M.
    Lloyds and all its subsdiary banks are all fuckd up. Watch out for the next fonancial melt down in the stock market. We might not see lloyds after that.
  • Ras M.
    I have already pulled all my money out from lloyds...
  • david m.
    I have just come back fro the county court, Lloyds have just tried to take my house away from me after i owed them £15000 on a secured business loan, was a bit behind on the payments, they showed me no mercy whatsoever, luckily the judge was great and i now have some time to try and agree a deal with the bank. Please take my advice do not deal with Lloyds they are the biggest bunch of crooks you are ever likely to meet, they have caused me high blood pressure and 2 heart attacks. Please take your business elsewhere, they are your best friends when business is good but as soon as you have a problem they come down on you like an unsecure wall.
  • Nell
  • MooMootastelike b.
    I work for a bank, and I and the people I work with are all hard working honest people who want nothing more than to do a good job and offer good service, The senior managers and their little hangers on are truly a bunch of disconnected people people who have acid for blood and would eat your first born then laugh about it but that is not everyone ..95% of people in banks are great. Customers seem to expect the earth, borrow money for nothing, say they can't pay because they might get their sky cut off or miss out on their 6th holiday of the year, or they want savings that pay hundreds of pounds a year when they only have 20 p in a savings account. 95% of customers are fine . it is the 5% that are truly sick and weird and need to seek medical attention . It is easy to notice the 5% of banker and the 5% of customers . but why not just chill see banks and every other company for what they are a business
  • ann
    Fuck Lloyds!!!! the fucking pigs took advantage of me being jobless and homeless...... I hope they burn in hell..... fucking cunts!!!!!!!!!
  • Annie
    Recently escaped,worst company to work for. Crap managers who have no idea how to manage staff, all done with a threat of performance plan and losing your job. If you're a professional with any thoughts of progression don't even consider working for this company,pay is also crap.

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