Legal services coming to supermarkets and banks

lionel-hutz-iphone Fancy picking up a spot of legal advice while you’re buying your pineapples and tampons? Well soon you’ll be able to, thanks to a change in the law.

Banks and supermarkets will be able to sell consumer legal services under the new Legal Services Act. Before now, the management, ownership and financing of firms that provide legal services were severely restricted, and the new regulations have been thrown together as a response to customers feeling as though they are dealing with solicitors only to be left with a lack of understanding about the process and abject horror when they are subsequently billed.

The big question is whether this more choice will lead to a better level of service, or lead to ‘Tesco Law’, as suggested by a coalition of about 100 law firms in 2009 when it was announced.


  • samuri
    unfortunately yeay!the .gov are putting a stop to the referral peado vamp shits, so this might dry up before it starts
  • Phil76
    Pineapples and tampons? Interesting shopping list, best make sure you don't get the two confused.
  • Haggis
    I've always found pineapples to be a particularly absorbent fruit.

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