Keep your money in your mattress. Safely.

So did anyone fall for an April Fool yesterday? While the glass bottomed Virgin plane was perhaps the most believable, surely no-one capable of using a modern computer actually fell for the Google Nose one. Really?

Anyway, this latest invention from Spain sounds like it might be a late joke, but in actual fact, is absolutely genuine, and some might say, more sensible than traditional options. Yes, you can now secure your money in your mattress with the addition of a fully functioning safe.

That’s right. My Mattress Savings Bank or La Caja de Ahorros Mi Colchón as it is known in Spain, is a new fusion of slumber and security, where you can genuinely keep on top of your finances while you sleep.

Of course, Spain is one of the European countries where the banking sector has been worst hit, with many people losing money through investment and schemes that ultimately crashed. Given the current situation in Cyprus, it is no wonder the mattress seems a more attractive option.

"Banks are in the headlines now because of Cyprus, but in Spain we have known how dangerous they can be for several years," inventor Paco Santos told the Guardian. "People were starting to say it was better to keep it under your mattress." And who was he but to oblige their needs.

Not only is Santos saving his countrymen’s finances, he has pepped up his own fortunes, saving his bed business from possible collapse. The first 20 safe-mattresses sold out within 24 hours and while he remains tight-lipped on details of his order book, Santos claims he will be busy manufacturing the mattresses for some months to come, boosted by enquiries from security firms and export orders. Including some from Cyprus.

While mattress-savings do not keep pace with inflation, or offer you loans when you’re hard up, Santos claims that his beds are not uncomfortable to sleep on, as the safe is inserted at the end of the mattress. Besides, even without a pitiful rate of interest, the savings shaving that has been going on in Spain and in Cyprus could mean your mattress turns out to be a sound investment this Spring.


  • jack p.
    1 large serrated knife to cut the fabric and a pair of bolt cutters to cut the springs and i have your safe! Is this guy fucking serious?? Or this is a joke right?
  • Dick
    Only works as Spaniards are short and their feet don't reach the end of the bed. Why not use a floorboard safe, or at least something that can be screwed down with safety bolts.
  • bargain h.
    In countries with hyper inflation the cash would double as matress filler saving you money on stuffing your matress.

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