Joy! There's going to be more speed cameras!

Speed cameraGood news drivers! The government are turning speed cameras back on in a massive way, presumably to raise money at your expense! New digital speed cameras will replace many of the old film units and a new investigation reckons new camera numbers will surge by almost 50% in the next year.

Naturally, with more cameras, we should expect more prosecutions. However, AA press spokesman Andrew Howard thinks that some people will be rather pleased with it all.

"The lowest support they have got [from AA members] is 69%," says Howard. "Currently it is at 74%. Many localities will campaign for speed cameras in their area, but then complain about them when they're used in a nearby town. Nationally they are unpopular, but locally they are popular."

"In 2010 the Road Safety Grant stopped," continued Howard, "and local authorities had to find the money from elsewhere. Many had stopped [installing them] altogether. Now, revenue from speed awareness courses are being directed at speed camera installation costs. The people who commit the offences are paying for the cameras."

Of course, not everyone is happy about it. The tremendously named Keith Peat, spokesman for the Association of British Drivers (and an ex-traffic policeman) said that this whole thing was being pushed through by lobbyists from the road safety industry, "which includes the manufacturers of the devices and the partnerships, [they] have a vested interest."

"These cameras can't see how an accident happened, they can't see whether you were drunk or if you were careless. This Government is continuing the war on the motorist and it is counterproductive."


  • Kevin
    There is zero reason for complaint. Break the law you SHOULD get done for it. That goes for speeding, using your phone when driving etc. It's 100% possible to avoid it, don't break the law!
  • Russ
    Pure Greed, that's what it is. I wholeheartedly support a campaign on vandalism against these cameras. And I have a clean license
  • matron
    Perhaps try driving at the speed limit? They won't make any money off you then.
  • SirAlanLowCalorieSweetener
    Or have several lackeys who you can pay off to take the points after claiming to be the "Driver"
  • lasdfj
    And who is this Peat moron? They are speed cameras not accident cameras! And the money from speed camera fines has only ever gone into paying for road safety, nothing else. It is not a money generator for other things.
  • Alexis
    Are you guys for real? Have you failed to notice the slashing of speed limits over the last decade? We all know the trick they've have cottoned on to - reduce a 60 road to 40 for no obvious reason and then stick cameras on it. The appropriate and safe speed would normally be 50-60, but because nobody sees the need to drive at such absurdly low speeds, the police cash in.
  • George
    So the police ask for £90 for a "speed awareness course" in order to avoid a fine and points on your licence. And I thought it was just Russian cops who took bribes.
  • Yue
    No surprise here, the government have so fucked up the economy they are desperate for money and the lobbyist comment is spot on, the primary outlay will be public money going into private hands as well as 'servicing' the machines. Self serving cunts moist with anticipation for the money coming in.
  • Natalie
    unbelievable, and yes Alexus i agreee. i got done on a motorway.... usually 70, for going 58 mles per hour. there was no apparent reason why the speed was reduced, there was no one around me, in front or behind. And they call me an offender. AS IF!!! money making government. If they used all the money from speeding tickets to fix the road, then why are they so awful to drive on? pot holes everywhere. the only attention they do actually pay is to the cameras. Stupid Tory government.
  • Natalie
    im sure they have some underhand deals with insurance companies... you scratch our backs, wel scratch yours.... bloody corruption!!!!
  • Darren
    They need to concentrate on people using phones & smoking while driving, as they are far more dangerous. Also female drivers.

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