It's time to put your money in the Tehran Stock Exchange

We all thought we could count on Iceland. Good solid Scandinavians with ice-blood coursing through their veins wouldn't let us down would they. We couldn't pronounce the name of their banks but we dumped our money in anyway.

That didn't work out too well so let's take a look at some new alternative investments.

First up is the Tehran Stock Exchange. The problem with Iceland is that it was too connected to the global economy - one country starts sinking and boof there went the island. So logically Iran should be a perfect investment location - other than North Korea where else is as insulated from the global economy? The multiple trading and economic sanctions ensure that no amount of cock-ups in the western world will seep their way into the Iranian bourse.

The great thing is that the Tehran Stock Exchange has been booming. Yep, this year the main tracking indice is up 29.71% YTD. Compare that to the FTSE 100 which is down roughly about the same percentage YTD.

The biggest problem with jumping on this opportunity with the £35k you have left in your Kaupthing account is that it's not particularly easy to get money into Iran. Luckily some bright spark is on the job and the FT reported last year a new Iranian fund was to open. No news on whether that panned out though...

Do you have an alternative investment idea? Let us know!

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