Is eBay pricing itself out of the market?

ebay new logoWhen eBay first burst into our lives in the late 90s, we all thought it was the answer to our clutter prayers. The premise was simple- now you could get rid of tat you didn't want anymore and someone would actually pay you for it. It was also a great way to declutter, provided you didn't start buying other people's tat at the same time.

Last week, eBay announced another change to their seller fees, which will make selling on eBay even more expensive. So will this be a nail in the coffin of the massive eBay machine, or will people still cough up regardless?

The new changes, which come into force on 4 September will see eBay charging its final value fees (FVF) including postage, instead of the item value alone. For private sellers this amount is normally around 10% on the final selling value of the item, and for business sellers it ranges from 5-12%, but is 10% as standard. Besides being another way to squeeze even more fees out of sellers, eBay might claim to be doing this to stop people profiting out of inflated postage costs.

While this may have been possible, and even prevalent some years ago, with postage costs increasing massively over the last few years, and specifically the huge increases to Royal Mail parcel costs earlier this year, when this is coupled with eBay imposed maxima on the amount of postage that can be charged on an item, sellers would be hard pressed to make much of a turn on postage these days anyway. Not that eBay is charging on the profit- the FVF will apply to the whole postage cost, most or all of which will presumably be spent on postage.

But what can sellers do? For most people who sell occasionally on eBay, the effect will not be so great as for traders who attempt to make a living using eBay as an online shop venue. But the proliferation of selling sites on Facebook might mean that sellers are willing to accept a slightly lower price in order to keep 100% of the sales value. Even if you do have to deal with actual people.

On the same date, and presumably aimed at placating smaller business sellers, eBay are increasing the amount of 'free' fixed-price listing fees (a smaller fee paid on listing the item) for basic shop owners, up to 200 from 20 per month, saving up to £20 a month based on 10p listing fees. Basic shops cost £19.99 a month.

And don't forget, you have also been paying Paypal fees on the final value including postage for years. Some sellers are surprised at just how little they end up with in their pocket at the end of the day.

But will this be enough to turn people away from eBay? Many online sellers have given up when faced with eBay fees, but for many more, the costs may be high, but the practicality of a standalone online shop in a sea of millions of websites may be too high. Sellers said they would boycott eBay after the sellers' right to negative feedback was revoked, but so far eBay still seems to be surviving. Perhaps this latest change is just an added inflationary cost of surviving these days.


  • klingelton
    2There is competition in the market from amazon and play offering a similar product to the "buy it now" model. It would be interesting to see how much is paid in fees compared to ebay. As for the dutch auction - there really isn't a viable alternative that has the sheer weight of numbers. Problem is, how do you grow profits on a business that has already reached saturation? Diversification is the way, not squeezing your current business model for every penny (which will probably lose customers)
  • Kevin
    I buy odds and ends that are unique or aren't sold anywhere else, I will buy second hand clothes if they are a good price. I generally don't buy new things, I don't tend to buy from 'businesses' selling on Ebay. It's a place for my collecting and the occasional piece of eqipment/battery/bulb that you can't get elsewhere. Anything else (tv/car/electrical equipment) I will buy from a normal online shop or even high street store that specialises in such things. Amazon has taken a lot of the odds and ends that people used to buy from Ebay
  • Jose L.
    E-Bay became tiresome years ago. Still have the occasional look around but always with the "buy it now" filter on. Can't be arsed waiting a week for an auction to end. In most hobbyist fields, straight mail-order from a specialist supplier is quicker, safer and frequently cheaper.
  • samuri
    Ebay will succumb to the gluttonous fuckshits known as the men in pointy shoes
  • Nikey H.
    Used to sell on eBay and make profits. Now, the profits are so negligible that it's not worth selling there. 10% fees charged by Ebay, Paypal fees, then there's Royal Mail costs. If I sell a game for £20, I end up making £15.50! £5 just gone! eBay also decided to let e-tailers advertise their stuff. And, they list thousands of stuff. The individual seller stands no chance against them unless they offer a significantly lower priced item. The competition is pretty bad. eBid have no buyer protection! I paid for an item and immediately cancelled when the seller told me it would take 4 weeks to dispatch. The seller then came up with some 5% restocking fee and kept that money for themselves. None of these things were mentioned in the listing.I complained to eBid and never heard back!
  • Samantha
    come on Google I've been waiting for gBid for like 5 years.
  • Dick
    If you would have charged £1 for postage, you now charge £1.10 (and lose a penny). If you would have charged £5, then postage is now £5.50. If you would have charged £10, then you are the reason that ebay have started doing this.
  • Me
    Ebay let's sellers put whatever price they want on postage with a high limit so eBay are to blame and amazon already charge on postage. So they are to blame as much as anyone. Like I sell something for a pound so 10 p is eBay and 23 p is PayPal so it is not worth the hassle anymore easier to sell it on somewhere like gum tree or bin it.
  • jt
    eBay already skim your postage with PayPal fees, now they are double dipping with extra eBay fees.
  • rich
    The people that inflate their postage charges will be the ones to stop using eBay.. Leaving the rest of us with the additional cost
  • Big M.
    The bin is the best alternative for my old shite. Can't be fucked jumping through hoops for pennies.
  • Kapitein Z.
    I have to be in agreement with Big Mozzer. Once upon a time eBay was a great place for getting rid of your old tat, now you have to do so much for what in reality is a few pence profit, you might as well just throw your stuff in the bin. eBay used to be a great little market with people clearing out attics, or mom and pop shops, now it's just full of resellers.
  • Denyce
    I thought they already were doing that? I couldve sworn they were already doing something like this and claiming because it was because of postage. The way I see it, they are trying to get sellers to go the free shipping route, but it does not really help sellers, it helps ebay as when people buy from us on ebay, they do not see our small business, they see ebay. Half the customers dont even read, they just look at the picture, so all in all this is advertisement and marketing for ebay. And sellers have to deal with it if they want to make pennys on ebay which is better than nothing if your stuff just sat at home.
  • Jim
    Returned to eBay because of an Amazon seller based in Europe who would only ship to the UK over eBay (weird I know) and had a look at a few other things while I was there and I have noticed a massive increase in auctions getting pulled early for purchases outside of eBay.
  • Kevin
    I think a lot of people expect too much when it comes to postage as they don't know how much it actually costs to post something these days. They just assume they are being ripped off. But several times I've had things and you look at the details on the label and you see that the postage alone (not including the tube/packaging etc) cost more than they actually charged for postage.
  • ipeters345
    Ebay want to go after the new market & buy it now but I can't see that they have made many inroads into this market. However they are still a good place to sell certain items ; some items still go for too much given they are second hand. I agree though for smaller items/lower cost items they are too expensive - its a shame...
  • Sossity
    To hell with this rip off. As others have said, it's not worth the hassle for small sellers just to make pennies for themselves; and it's certainly a bloody cheek that ebay they expect us to lie down and be screwed over. They posted an Amazon comparative price list. But, we're not with Amazon. We're with ebay. They should concentrate on treating us right and fuck what others are doing or not doing.
  • Pete
    Postage costs will increase across the board due to ebays unscrupulously greedy move to charge sellers 10% of their postage fees. Sign this petition and share on your FB page. They must not be allowed to get away with this. #ebay #greed
  • shell
    As one of those, that just sells items for 99p plus actual postage. No longer worth it for me. Didn't mind if I got 50p out of it, but this time I got 24p for an old mobile phone. Wish I had given it to charity. Would of saved me the cost of petrol
  • sarann
    Trying selling an item for 99p and the postage is £13.35 (actual postal charge)....Tell me how much profit you would make
  • Geoff42
    A late post by me on this topic but I have been a member of ebay for 11 years. Around 6 years ago I was running a business on ebay. I paid monthly to have my ebay shop. Fee's were getting too much so I made a website and took the business onto it's own website. I then continued to use ebay for occasional private sales... until they started the maximum postage and packaging fee rules. I listed a nintendo 64 game. The maximum postage amount I could charge was "£0.00" of course aka "free postage". The game sold for £6, but I had to pay ebay and paypal fee's and pay £2.50 out of my own pocket to send it... I made £1, hardly worth my trip to the post office. Then I listed a stack of beer brewing magazines. Maximum postage I was allowed to enter was £2. I had to put in the listing description that the winning bidder will have to pay a further £3 when the listing has ended to cover postage. They sold for 99p and the buyer sent £5 postage. After fee's and sending the magazines I actually lost money. Now I refuse to buy off ebay and will only sell things that are small and cost me nothing such as money off coupons. Then I will list it as free postage since it barely costs a first class stamp to send. With the new fee's on postage policy in place, they are favouring the already rich companies that sell on ebay, who get discounts on their postage for sending so many items through the post and often list stuff with "free" postage as they make that back in what they charge for the item. The only people being hurt are genuine private sellers. Plus ebay always favour the buyer, so as I private seller, if I sold something which the customer broke and they opened a dispute, ebay would give them my address, force me to accept the item back and refund the money through my paypal account..... Just isn't worth it
  • Bob H.
    eBay are fat poncing sub-human parasite scum. 10% final value fee PLUS a paypal fee of 5%. Both owned by the same company. And it's a triple-dip when listing fees are active too, which is 99% of the time. I've just sold £400 of stuff and I'm going to close my eight year old account and they can go whistle for their 10%. Enough is enough.
  • gareth d.
    Only just found out about this! I sell a lot of car parts so my postage charges are high, just sent some items to Canada postage £50 got charged £4 FVF ! e-bay encourage you to sell abroad now I know why -GREED!
  • Online b.
    YES ebay have priced themselves out of the market, many price rises and hidden costs have been implemented over the last two years. EBAY HAVE GOT SO GREEDY THERE SALES WILL DROP.
  • Martin B.
    No more ebay for me, costs to expensive and don't even care for the seller, I wont use paypal either because its run by ebay.
  • alan
    Why does e'bay allow sellers in the U.S. to charge absolutely whatever they want for postage. I recently looked at a statue costing $89 U.S. and not weighing very much, the postage was...GUESS WHAT.... $290.75 U.S. IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE ME...CHECK IT OUT...ITEM NUMBER 360727046396 I raised this issue with e'bay U.K ...Did I get a positive reply.....I LEAVE IT UPTO YOU TO GUESS !!!!! DO ME A FAVOUR E'BAY....Stop ripping off U.K. buyers and sellers. Sort out the U.S. sellers and bring them in line with the U.K. I now filter out all U.S. sellers when looking to purchase anything, having said that, there isn't much left. E'bay have allowed U.S. sellers to dominate the U.K. E'bay scene and allows them to charge what ever they want. Time to shop else where
  • Marcus D.
    Just been speaking to a colleague of mine at Google. Somebody's let it slip that Google is making an auction site to take on all other auction sites like eBay, eBid etc. From my close source, she reveals zero insertion fees on all listings, 2.8% FVF! Free gallery picture and sub-title. Optional extras 2p-7p for bold and extra category for title listing. No caps on quantity of items you want to list. Google Wallet to be used for accepting payments plus all major credit/debit cards and PayPal optional. No joining fee. Heavy promotion (button on Google home page). Google-Lister to bulk upload listings. More info to follow...
  • Abs
    Its not only postage increases and final value fees. For the past 3 years Ive run a successful business importing selected, quality products from china. eBay dont care about sellers in the domestic UK market, they just want to milk its buyers. The new search algorithm shows the most prolific sellers first which are all in hong kong or hong kong based companies selling from UK warehouses. Its very hard for a genuine uk small business to compete on price when your items are on page 3 or 4. I did a search for some display materials I needed and I had to tweak a load of advanced search boxes to find actual UK based sellers... on eBay UK!
  • Mark W.
    The new fee structure starts in Australia on 6th May. The two reasons that ebay are doing this with fees is to try and get sellers to offer free postage. They figure that even if you add a bit on to the asking price they look good. The second reason of course is the extra fees they will collect. I've an email from ebay in response to a question I asked re a customer purchases an item and then requests to pick up. Ebay will still charge a fee on the postage quoted in the listing. I think it is time for ebay to change its name to FEEBAY.
  • Albert N.
    All the final fee structures are just way too expensive. Final Shipping Fee! That's just too much. Ebay is making money hand over foot and it's just not worth it to sell there any longer. Lower the final fees, both shipping and selling final fees back to something reasonable like 5-6%. This company is called eVILbay for a reason.
  • Crow
    eBay will fail. No way to know when, but they pile it on like snow. The fact that it hasn't crashed yet just means the avalanche will be all the bigger when it happens. At that point there will be an unregulated free-for-all as things begin to settle into another way. There will be MANY other ways though, as all those things we all know about get used, for real. While there is no predicting when or how eBay will fall, they will not rise. Once it happens, no-one will want to be held to ransom by a single power. Right now eBay have made themselves indispensible, but ONE SLIP, and they're gone, because people will rapidly find out how little they need them once buyers and sellers alike find new market places. Right now they do not beleive they will fall, but that makes them vulnerable, and they seem to be getting careless, not caring what charges they lat to explode beside the walls of their own castle.
  • Crow
    Response to post by alan • February 12, 2014 at 3:59 pm: I've seen a lot of mostrous US postage charges too, it's an epidemic. The most virulent case yet I saw was 12 very light-weight optical computer mice. The seller wanted 50 bucks. And 208 bucks for postage!!!!!! I asked if they had any sane alternative because I wanted them shipped to the UK if I bought them, not to Mars. NO ANSWER, came the stern reply. It truly is madness, characterised by the true madman's absolute lack of humour and total rejection of any challenge when it comes to his favourite delusions. Excess postage used to be considered evasion of ebay fees. They now profit directly from it and actively encourage it! That is the best possible explanation of why it happens. It has the reverse effect of what they state. It was never to lower these charges, and they knew this all along, it was to force extortion, so long as they could profit. Extending from my previous post, I will suggest that this is what will kill eBay permanently, because if they DO survive, even for a few more months, all it proves is how easy it is for a competitor to exploit people too, so all the sharks will be after the meat behind the blood now. They will kill eBay even if eBay do not destroy themselves first.
  • stewart r.
    for years i have put my antiques and collectables on ebay starting at 99p not knowing what they are worth. if they didnt sell i wasnt loosing out . now that i have to pay after 20 insertions it will price me out. with this then having to add 10% to the postage as ebay now charge on the total fee. then paypal take there slice. im all for making a profit but this is sheer greed. the first item sold on ebay was a laser pen that didnt work wonder if that would have been put on if he knew how much he would have had to pay lol. come on google we need better competition for ebay
  • The H.
    I just had an auction finish, item selling for £8.20. I saw £7.72 in my PayPal account. When Ebay fees @3.4% are deducted it will leave me £7.44. Postage through the cheapest possible route (Hermes) is about £4, and I will have to stay in all day waiting for them to collect as they don't specify a collection window! Royal Mail would have probably charged me more to post the item than I actually sold it for. Should have not bothered to sell said item.
  • The H.
    has anyone else noticed that Ebay and Paypal charge basically the same % comission??!! I haven't looked into this but are they owned by the same people?
  • Crow
    Posted by The • April 14, 2014 at 11:04 am: has anyone else noticed that Ebay and Paypal charge basically the same % comission??!! I haven’t looked into this but are they owned by the same people? Yes, they are. It's the old corrupt game, company dollars in the company store. It's a derelict business model that most people had thought died at least a century ago because it amounts to an attempt to enslave people. The only reason that eBay get away with it is a mixture of the fact that people CAN go elsewhere, and the fact that they often cannot belive what is done to them, so they sit there and take it. eBay made themselves indispensable, but the way they act reminds me of the way cannibal tribes are said to cook their victims, First the water is a bit cold and strange, then warm and comforting, and by the time it is hot enough to kill, the victim is dazed, unable to feel the extent of harm done, let alone escape it. I overdid that analogy, but it still makes sense because how else do we explain how far eBay have pushed people around with so little resistance? No government has the spine to resist them either, they set taxes with impunity, to the point where the UK govt web site now hosts (on a public petition basis) a vote on whether there will be an investigation into whether eBay is breaking UK law by effectively taxing an essential business service cost, something only an elected government is legally able to do. Australia banned the strict limitation to PayPal acceptance, but no government in Europe even has the spine to do that. The reality is that NO GOVERNMENT WILL HAVE THE SPINE TO RESIST THIS PREDATION UNTIL WE DO, AND ELECT LEADERS WJP WILL HELP DEFEND US. And if we do nothing, nothing will be done. I'll admit to still buying on eBay when the things I want turn up there, because the watch list is very useful, but I'll be looking at other (and likely better ways) now. And I quit selling there years ago, and they have done nothing to tempt me back. If sellers continue to fall, my watch list will get bleaker and more useless, and I won't have much reason to buy there either, especially as I can't expect any bargains now given the extremity of costs the seller has to meet. So the question asked by this entire thread is YES, as far as I'm concerned, because most of the stuff that used to be cheaper on eBay isn't anymore.Looking for specialised sites, or trading on special interest forums, is a far better way to go, it just takes more effort. But as it totally undercuts ALL FEES, it's totally viable. eBay rely on stupidity and habit, so wise up, change, that way they'll have to change instead of demanding that we accept everything they throw at us. Waiting for Google to compete isn't enough, because if we only do that, there will just be TWO massive predators, not just one. Google isn't there for our benefit, they've been edging in to a very powerful position, and will be just as bad as eBay. If they're getting into the market, it may just indicate how easy it is to be that kind of predator, and that they want a piece of the action. The net allows people to group like small tribes, and to beat the predators, we have to trade like small tribes too. The net is getting a bit older, a bit more mature, and it's not a naive free-for-all anymore. Like the real world, we need to stick with those we trust to survive, we can't expect one great saviour out there to make our lives easier, because that kind of power is extremely corrupting, and we should deny it to them. Long post, but maybe worth it, because it looks like we're at a turning point, so I might as well give the wheel a good push..
  • emenot
    As the more eBay charge, the wider the door of competition will open for another venue to come in such as Google. Eventually, it will be worth while for another to joint in!
  • Sue
    It's really quite simple. Don't use ebay to buy or sell, vote with your feet. They will have to reduce fees if we all stop using them. There are other cheaper and free ways to sell and buy. The other thing is that if you buy via ebay you will at some point be ripped of by dodgy sellers and counterfeit goods. I use ebay to find what I need and then find the same item elsewhere for a better price or contact the seller and buy cheaper by bypassing ebay commission and paypal fees although I generally prefer to buy from proper shops even if the price is slightly higher.
  • Marcus
    As an eBay buyer & seller since 1999 I now find that I am very reluctant to sell anything on the site and direct all of my private sales to hobbyist sites and forums. For a while eBay really made sense and I got a lot of positive use out of it and overall it was a good experience. Recently things have really slipped - especially for sellers. Looking at the way the feedback and moderation works, it seems that the site is heavily skewed in favour of the buyer and the concerns I have as a seller about losing funds as a result of this imbalance are enough to put me off using the site. In the last few years a phenomenon has occurred where a buyer wins something then decides that they do not want to pay and there is little that you as a seller can do about it. Although you shouldn’t be out of pocket it will cause you to lose a couple of weeks of effort and somewhere behind the scenes you expect that eBay will log this breach of policy. (Google: Unpaid item strikes) Any further problems and the buyer has the ability to 'freeze' your PayPal account by lodging a dispute often out of sheer laziness and lack of will to communicate. When it happens, you will feel this is unfair. Try and avoid selling anything of high value unless you have strong nerves. It can be very stressful for you when PayPal, who are there to protect you, decides to freeze funds which they can do if they suspect 'money laundering', 'unusual pattern of activity' or, if I was being cynical, any other trigger mechanism they've employed to hold onto your interest bearing funds for longer. When it happens, at a minimum, you will feel that this is unfair. Which leads me to the last little surprise eBay may have for you: The fees. Most people accept that the service is going to cost something but pre-determining your fee seems to be a black art. There is so much they could do improve clarity around what your listing might cost if your final value estimate or expectation is achieved. But why should they? It might put you off actually selling something! When you finally do list that item and work your head round the fees/postal charges it’s unlikely you’ll over-estimate what it’s going to cost thanks to the bit you probably forgot: The peculiar eBay/PayPal duopoly that we ‘allow’ to exist. (Didn’t the Australians go this bit right?) I’ve outlined three negatives for the seller versus one assumed positive: Cash for selling something. Just don’t count it before the listing fees come through.
  • Crow
    Well, I think they're dying fast now, because the one thing that keeps them alive is so badly broken that it can't be used properly, and sometimes not at all. I know it's not strictly relevant to this arctle and the reponses here, but it may be interesting, because it is their Achilles Heel that has been severed, so the fall may be inevitable if not fixed VERY soon, and very effectively. Searches cannot be edited, named, organised by eBay's users any more. Instead of a local search called Indian Rosweood, for example, the search was called 25 miles from (postcode). If it arrives with all the cryptic extars we add to filter out the badly categorised dreck that now floods eBAy, the searches will have names that we can't use, results that no longer sort the good from the bad, and the names given to searches we want mailings for may not even make it to us, having been blocked by spam filters. the ONLY thing keeping me, and many others, using eBay at all, is the hope that a rare thing turns up, and they we learn of it before we lose a shot at buying it! Or we may need to set a filter and name to distinguish some specific things we need often and cannot easily filter from all the thousands of closely related stuff e do not want. So this affects all trade there, big, rare, small and common And it's now so badly broken that if people cannot find, they cannot buy, and eBay will die.
  • Ricky D.
    I got a shock when I re-listed a lot of items this week. Fees suddenly increased for me by about 50% !! It really isn't going to be worth me carrying on(after 5 years) as a small private seller if they don't realise this is just a stupid & greedy move. I sell only an average value of £20-£30 a week and will be paying almost all of it to Ebay/PayPal. I it just a profit grabbing exercise, like the energy companies?
  • Jeanette
    I used to make a good profit on 99p auctions but now it is not worth my time and money. What I do not understand is why more people do not list on ebid which is far more competitive and give you the option to list till item is sold for free. Their final value fee is 3 o/o Give it a Go people.
  • paul
    Unfortunately, ebay has become permeated with counterfeit items especially thumb flash drives. They seem to be content if the seller refunds your money. That is like letting a thief steal and only make restitution if they get caught.
  • CC
    Man Alive, I thought I was paying alot before, now .. all these fees .. the only reason I started selling was because there was 50 free listings per month as well as end of month listing promotion deals for Buy it now items. Just looking into why I have so many listing fees of late, they exclude all the major categories from "enjoying" the free listing ! Even the turn overs have changed! I'll be transitioning off ebay, thats a fact !! They are manipulative liars! The conduct themselves in an illegal manner by manipulating traffic/exposure as a given. When asked about it they say .. oh we do direct more traffic to those with higher ratings... Totally not that simple .. They punish people and have their hands on the controls overtly. Im sure if they where investigated by the Fed's they'd be breaking several laws. Like all huge dishonest greed I wait for them to fall right behind Walmart with there price manipulation and Microsoft with its Super Greed to dominate the world. And btw, Customer Service, based almost totally in Indonesia (cheap slave labor) some where .. never know what they are talking about... So, what ever they say .. ask them where you can find it in writing! Nearly everything theyve told me .. even very basic stuff has been wrong. They have to act like they know it all because they will loose their job, but its so obviously clear they know little and dont really try to. Regarding sales in the US .. They need to bring those jobs back to the US !! And the prospective Countries they are selling in... Someone please start a that has a strong business model not ripping ppl off in a totally manipulative fashion, then keep changing the game several times a years .. so flaky, bad business !! And I might add being a buyer on ebay .. as far as finding good deals .. totally doesnt happen any more, Seller simply dont ship if they dont get what they want for an item! Even after you pay, they just refund your money. Its The Buyer or Seller .. its Ebay at fault !! Just gets worse and worse !! Watch to see how they manipulate your traffic if your a seller... theres a clear pattern esp when you have Buy it Now items...
  • Deborah
    How can you put up listing fees by more than double in one fell swoop, I was barely surviving with the 15p listing cost because there don't seem to be the buyers anymore, I sell information discs most of which are priced around £2.99 Now eBay want 35p listing charge, a percentage of the postage i charge, a closing fee for anything i might sell and then Paypal want their cut as well. I was never making a fortune to begin with, but any money that i did have in my PP account went straight back to eBay with any purchases i made, so it has a knock on effect don't make money don't spend money simple as.... so that is bound to have an effect on other sellers too because there are probably many people in the same boat. Mind you it's just as well because a lot of people I used to purchase from regularly have also disappeared, I guess they couldn't make it work either!
  • Mr C.
    Closing my Ebay shop before I go nuts. Have spent so long on 'chat' and phone calls for the simplest of matters until someone eventually knows how to resolve it. But now I know Ebay' values fraudsters more than sellers of 10+ years. I reported a seller as being a posible fraud and the person on 'chat' agreed with me. I have been ordered to supply the item he ordered regardless, yet have refunded his paypal payment. Ebay are greedy criminals and deserve to be totally boycotted. We need alternatives fast, not just Amazon, which is better, but can be somewhat annoying, but not nearly as much as ebay.
  • Bruno
    I will use ebay for selling only as a last resort, there are insertion fees, final value fees, final value shipping fees, paypal fees and a dollar to euro conversion that always hurts buyers and sellers, their rates are always above the real dollar\euro value. Upon all of that there's also the possibility that some bad buyer will attempt paypal reversal for some reason or leave you unfair feedback, and against this there's nothing you can do. bottom line, fuck you ebay.
  • asb
    Call me stupid but i have just finished a week of ebaying kids clothes and bits that were too good to throw out and needed a good home - I didn't know about the fee changes (silly me) and listed the lot at 99p - i was charged 35p per listing (over 20 items) + 10% final value & 10% on postage + paypal fees - which I havent bothered to calculate as making 12p minus paypal fees and paying the actual rip off postage charges - its quite obvious what I made --- a loss somewhere in the region of about £12. Bye Bye Ebay after all these years- Don't suppose they care if I leave - being as the Dot Com Gift Shop has joined the sellers !
  • Bob
    I got 1000 free listings which is fine but the main problem is the sky high fees (AKA corporate greed) ebay bought Gumtree a few years ago, one big takeover pushing the smaller sites nearly out of existence. I'll stick to selling locally from now on it's cheaper.
  • Jandee
    I made a loss several times, due to high fees (and once because the postal prices increased after I listed the item, and I didn't realise). I sell certain things I collect through community websites and try to avoid ebay as much as possible. They make so much profit, but they always want more and the fees always seem to go up. I still buy there but only if I have no other option. I don't bother selling cheap things anymore because it's just not worth the hassle and effort, I'd rather give it away or bin it (no time for carboot sales). I wish people went on strike and stopped using ebay at least for a few days, just to trigger a massive panic attack! ;-)
  • Mandy
    Ebay,s greed is their downfall and since they started taking a greedy and unjustified 10% of the p&p I have seen my sales drop drastically as I have to include the 10% in the p&p and only pennies for my packaging which I buy and costs much more. It,s bad enough royal mail increased their prices again at the end of March without Ebay profiting on postage too. I used to sell regularly ,have retained positive feedback and great dsrs over the many years I,ve been selling but my items are not selling unless I practically give them away which I,ve done a few times .I cannot understand why Ebay allow other sellers to charge £7.00! for p&p when it costs much much less:i,ve noticed buyers but something at 99p and pay £7.00 p&p when the item costs a fraction of that to actually post and of course Ebay get 10% yet they contribute zero to the p&p. I do not list as much now as I used to and it is very disheartening :I had thought about starting up a shop on Ebay but knocked that idea on the head when Ebay began taking 10% of the p&p:is it even legal for them to take 10%? I,ve tried offering Free p&p many times but it makes no difference :I also stopped selling outwith the UK due to royal mail,s high prices and Ebay,s greed. Surely Ebay must realise if sellers items don,t sell ,Ebay do not make money and since they began taking 10% of the p&p sales have dropped dramatically.
  • Crow
    Off-topic, but a call for help and advice... I pay for an item by bank debit card, as a guest. Item doesn't arrive... Next thing I know, eBay have pulled the listing! They tell me I am not obliged to pay, but it's too late for that, I paid immediately as required, when buying the item! They deny me the message system so I can't contact the seller. They deny me any claim because I paid as a Paypal 'guest'. so I go to Paypal. Paypal deny me a claim, refusing to accept the transaction ID, or even acknowledging this transaction at all! I'm going to take legal action over this because to cover for a criminal (I have reason to beleive the item was one of many recent counterfeits) while denying ALL possible chance for the victim to recover their loss is a very obvious breach of both uk AND civil law in the UK. The question is: who do I take to court?! Please advise, if you can.
  • John
    US auction site eBay has paid only £1.2m in tax in the UK, according to an investigation by the Sunday Times. The newspaper said that its tax bill in 2010 comes despite eBay's UK subsidiaries generating sales of £800m. The auction site - which also owns PayPal - responded that it "complies fully with all applicable tax laws". The report comes after coffee giant Starbucks was also accused of paying just £8.6m in corporation tax in the UK over 14 years. According to the Sunday Times, eBay had sales of £789m during 2010 in the UK at its four British subsidiaries. Using its worldwide profit margin of 23%, it would have made a profit in the UK of £181m, leading to corporation tax owed of £51m. Instead, it paid £1.2m, the report said. Accounts for one of its units, eBay (UK) Ltd, show that for 2010 - the last year available - it owed tax of £766,000 on profits of £4.4m. The auction site told the BBC: "eBay in Europe works with tax authorities and complies fully with all applicable tax laws and regimes - including national, EU, and internationally recognised OECD rules." Other large international companies have also been accused of avoiding tax in the UK. A four-month investigation by news agency Reuters earlier this week found that Starbucks generated £398m in UK sales last year but paid no corporation tax. It said that Starbucks had made over £3bn in UK sales since 1998 but had paid less than 1% in corporation tax. Facebook UK paid £238,000 in tax last year, according to its accounts. Its sales were £20.4m. Most of the company's income is believed to be legally going through its European base in Dublin, where corporation tax is lower than in the UK. And a report in the Guardian in April said that online retailer Amazon had generated sales of more than £7.6bn in the UK over the past three years but had not paid any corporation tax on the profits from those sales.
  • Crow
    Never mind pricing itself out of the market, tonight it looks like they're going down like the Hindenburgh. That states that there are login problems across much of the world, but less-than-official news sites appear to have know;ledge of data leaked to the net during a hacking raid launched on the 19th anniversary of eBay's startup. I myself have seen several different areas of the site affected at various times since about 18:00 UTC, and it's still happening. The 'is-it-down' type sites are indicating a huge crisis, but apparently eBay are saying as little as possible. They say it is 'part of maintenance' but I cannot square that remark with the direct observation, backed up by thousands of people worldwide, that this crisis first hit their login systems, then spread uncontrollably, and many hours later is still like an unquenchable fire. They are already under multinational inquiry regarding a massive security breach earlier this year, and it may be that that previous event was a precursor to tonights events, which if confirmed, will likely stay in the world's news for some time, and possible finish eBay off permanently, as people scramble to secure themselves and find smaller, safer places to trade. I'm not going to dare predict that this one night will see them fall like the bomb that ended a world war, but this is definitely the biggest disaster for them yet, after this things will really change, one way or another. Crow.
  • Crow
    A small but important followup to my earlier post, an excerpt from a Reuters news agency release (Reuters are known for their caution, and are one of the most reliable news sources of the past few decades). [QUOTE] REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach The outage that hit some eBay users on Wednesday is the result of maintenance work on the company’s IT infrastructure, according to the e-commerce giant. eBay was not the only tech heavyweight to suffer an outage on Wednesday. Facebook was also reportedly down for less than 30 minutes, prompting a flood of Twitter comments from users. The Menlo Park, Calif.-based social giant attributed the outage to an error which occurred "while making an infrastructure configuration." The timing of the eBay outage, which occurred on the anniversary of the company's founding, had prompted speculation that the San Jose, Calif.-based firm had fallen victim to hackers. “Today, some eBay users are experiencing issues when signing in to the site,” said eBay spokesman Ryan Moore, in an email to “Based on our initial investigation, this appears to be the result of technical issues that occurred during scheduled server maintenance.” Moore added that the outage is only affecting a small portion of eBay’s users. “We’re working to resolve this issue quickly and will continue to keep our customers updated,” he said. “We apologize for any inconvenience to our users.” One veteran California-based seller told Fox News that he is “effectively out of business” as a result of the outage. “My account is now non-existent, as are the accounts of many others,” he added. “It is serious and I am out of a job until it is corrected.” The seller told Fox News that there was no scheduled maintenance announcement listed for Wednesday on the company’s Systems Announcement board. The next maintenance is scheduled for Thursday night, he said. eBay is updating its customers via its systems board and social media, according to company spokesman Moore. [END QUOTE] The important detail, which I and many thousands of other people can confirm, is that the outage hit very hard, many hours before any scheduled maintenance, on a suspicious inauspicious moment, their anniversary, to the hour, according to a few possibly dubious sources that anyone can find if they use Google for e minute or two. Even if this is not a hack, it indicates a level of corporate incompetence that should rightly scare people away from eBay, once and for all.
  • James B.
    I too think Ebay taking commission on postage is unjustified. I'm moving house and have taken to selling some of my stuff on Ebay. What with PayPal fees and capped postage costs on some Ebay categories that are not in line with recent RM price increases it just doesn't seem worth it for the private seller. And if a buyer messes me around, I can't leave negative feedback.
  • M c.
    Just sold 2 kids tshirts for 99p each. I charged a very modest £1.65 postage on each one. Buyer pays £2.64. I pay Ebay fees of 53p and paypal fees of 58p. Still to packaga and then psot each one. It is ridiculous. There should be a different fee scale for private, occasional sellers. Facebook and Gumtree here I come because this greed is obscene.
  • Crow
    September 14th, down again like a broken umbrella. Clearly they're not dying overnight, but they are dying. The outages are getting biger and more frequent all the time. They cannot afford to go down, they will not leave the site alone. Maybe they think that gouging more money out of the public is the way to get the changes they think they need, but I doubt it will work. They've outgrown the support structures they rely on, and like a plant in a tub, the rootball has eaten all the soil it can reach, and the top of the plant is falling over. I'm sure there are people who don't see the reality for what it is, and might think me especiallt tin-hatted, but I'm ok with that. I recognised about 6 months ago that the third world war was under way too, and now the Pope is saying it. Big things are changing, and most people DO NOT want to see, so they do not see, let alone admit to themselves the extent of the harm. I think it may be time to think beyond the few pence eBay chizz you out of personally. Start looking around, you might soon have to figure out which way to run. We may soon have bigger things than eBay to worry about. Let it die, we need to start making real reasons to live, and defend them.
  • Fred W.
    I know this is a drop in the ocean for Ebay but enough drops could put them out of business. Two years ago I would never have contemplated setting up my own shopping site and I was quite happy to pay Ebay between £2 - 3oo a month in commission. Following a series of updates to selling conditions which made it more difficult for sellers to comply culminating in the final value fee on postage I set up my own site. I now have just 2 Ebay listings and my last bill was £20.00. The bulk of my sales now come via my own site and cost me nothing so I am able to sell cheaper than I did 2 years ago and still end up wit a decent wage, and not have the hassle of complying with their stupid terms and conditions. Ebay is losing around £3000.00 per year from me alone , as I said a drop in the ocean to them but how many £3000.00 drops can they afford? Ebay will become the victim of its own greed.
  • J E.
    I have been trying to find a way of complaining to ebay about their charges but they don't encourage feedback for there own service but expect others to do so for mine. I have been a bit silly not to check up on the costs of putting items on ebay but when I sat down and worked out what I have been charged I was appalled. I sold an lp record for £3 and posted to Italy, £5.30 actual cost plus £0.95 packaging. So that's £9.25 overall, paypal take 20p +31p, ebay take insertion fee 35p+92.5p fvf so that's a total of £1.78 fees I make £1.22!! For that I have to take photos do a write up communicate with the buyer, pack and drive to the post office stand in a queue for ages and hope the thing don't get lost in the post!! Who's the mug here. Ebay say they want to encourage low or zero p&p which means the seller must place these costs in the price so will get stung either way, they are on a win win situation. So ebay is great for buyers but I think I will be shifting my selling to other sites in the future.
  • Len
    A very informative and interesting swipe at eBay and I wholeheartedly agree. I was not aware of ebays 10% charge on postal costs until a few months after they were imposed, I stumbled across it whilst checking my accounts, I did question eBay why we as users were not warned in advance of this charge they said the terms and conditions were amended! why no email then??? They no longer send these emails informing of changes, smacks of burying bad news to me. I questioned the reason for 10% on postal fees answer "To encourage free or lower postal charges" utter rubbish, eBay don't want lower postal costs because they will lose out on their ilegal 10% fee! just work out how much in revenue they are making per day on postal charges alone. Eg To sell a £100 item on eBay with £5.00 postage, 10% final value fee £10.00 (fair enough) 50p fee on postage total = £10.50, now on to paypal, 3.9% fee on cross border! but that is on the total inc shipping not just the cost of the item so paypal are taking 3.9% of postage too! plus their ridiculous 20p extra charge. Sadly eBay are a monopoly and there are no competitors, yet, until a competitor comes along they will continue to rip us off. Empires crumble eventually, eBay will one day, but buy then ebays fat cats will be so fat on champagne and fine food they won't give a toss!!!
  • Steve S.
    The greed on ebay now is phenomenal. As if the website isn't bad enough with their excessive fees, the sellers are far worse. Many sellers now have three of four separate accounts, all of which can if necessary bid up the prices of their own stock in an auction format and very few individual sellers are paying tax either. If anything, a visit to ebay is fine for the laughable prices but that is about it. It is long past time the government got tough on both the company and the sellers who Are evading taxes.
  • Paul
    I can't believe people aren't waking up to this corporate ripoff when there are free sites to sell on. I was going to say gumtree but they are owned by eBay however new sites like carbootloot are free to sell on so you don't have ripoff fees! Paul
  • Steve
    eBay fees now in august 2015 are so bad I have closed my account ---now they charge 10% of all postage prices when you sell something --even if the postage costs you more than the buyer paid --until people stop using ebay like I have just done -they will continue to rip people off with greedy fees and unfair policie/

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