HSBC to adopt Apple Pay within weeks

15 July 2015

HSBC So, now to know how to use Apple Pay, because we told you how - but that was no use to HSBC customers, who seemed to be getting left out of the whole thing.

The strange thing about the delay, was that HSBC were originally listed as one of Apple's banking partners at launch, but that wasn't the case. Weirder still, was the fact that HSBC were the ones to blab about when the launch date was.

Anyway, most of the big guns are on board already, but there are some people still waiting. If you're a customer of Bank of Scotland, Halifax, Lloyds, M&S Bank and TSB, you'll have to wait 'til Autumn. We're sure you'll live.

Barclays, meanwhile, are oddly quiet about the whole thing and all they'll say is that a collaboration will be coming 'in the future'.

So there you have it. HSBC have joined the future and some other banks, for whatever reason, haven't. Meanwhile, everyone with an Android phone literally couldn't care less.

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