HSBC the latest to try and kill the password

password We've seen a few companies crop up on Bitterwallet, trying to kill the humble password. Yahoo! want to see it thrown to the wayside, and Google think there's better systems for us now.

Well, HSBC are looking at biometric identification as just the thing to get rid of passwords. In plain speaking, that's fingerprints and voice recognition services. The bank think that this will be quicker than tapping words and numbers in, and more importantly, it'll be more secure.

You won't be able to forget your own fingertips either, which is something.

HSBC's Joe Gordon says: "This gets rid of the much-maligned passwords to replace them with something more secure - you don't have to remember where you lived when you were five, or your inside leg measurement."

The millions of customers at the bank can opt into the service, which will give HSBC a voice print, which they'll store. It'll analyse the speed at which you talk, as well as pronunciation and cadence. Rory Bremner will be able to get into the accounts of a load of wealthy MPs you suspect. Handy.

The idea is that you should get access to your account, by reading a set phrase, like "my voice is my password", or reading out your account number. Of course, these are things you'll have to remember, just like a password.

What if you have a cold or you've just burned your tongue on some molten cheese? Gordon continues; "It takes more than 100 different measurements, so for most people even with a cold, the vocal tract doesn’t change, and behavioural factors such as the speed of speech, their accent and pronunciation are still there."

"In those cases where we still cannot, which are few and far between, they can be put through to an adviser to go through verification in the normal way."

The bank have already been trialling fingerprint verification to customers, who want to get access to their account via their iPhone. All in all, it looks like passwords are done for.

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  • John D.
    Do you really "Get Security"? Answer NO! Certain Reporters have given interviews trialing this VoicePrint Software! I feel sorry for them if some rogue has recorded their voices during their interviews, remember the old adage "Walls have Ears" ? Just Like fingerprints they can be recorded or copied! :(

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