HSBC gets into wi-fi

HSBC HSBC has made wi-fi available in hundreds of its branches!

Sing hallelujah!

650 "hotspots" will help customers download and use the bank's new app and start making payments by phone. Brilliant!

Of course, it's not fully a new thing, as Barclays launched it 1600 branches last year, but apparently "more and more" HSBC customers were interested in banking on the move, and that internet banking will help them be more chill.

But also, the bank plans to demonstrate the new Paym service, which allows customers of most major banks to pay friends and businesses using just their mobile phone number.

However, there are worries that this may be another way in for cyber thieves to commit their cyber crime, and hack into the wi-fi and steal shit.

So HSBC have thought that through and reckon their service will be fine, depending on signal strength, and all is cool. The bank said that if the feedback is positive, it will roll out the service to more of its 1,132 branches.

This will be particularly handy if they end up trying to pull a fast one on you and you want to get online to check your rights and quickly draft up a complaint letter.


  • Mr M.
    The worst thing about HSBC is you need the effing code generator to login to business banking, making the whole mobile app useless.
  • moss
    why would i travel to a bank during my working day to use their wifi to do mobile banking. I'm in the bank! makes no sense to me.

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