HSBC and Alliance & Leicester set steep new banking rules

Alliance+LeicesterDo you draw money out of the bank at the counter? Do you transfer money online? Well, the rules are about two change at two UK banks that you need to know about.

At the Alliance & Leicester, if you have a basic account, you won't be allowed to draw out amounts less than £300, starting from 1 July. Does that seem like a needlessly large amount to anyone else? I'm imagining a week when you lose your card and you have to tart around drawing cash out over the counter.

From August, HSBC customers will probably have to make a phone call to confirm certain internet transfers, thereby slowing the whole process down to the point of it being a pain in the arse.

Basically, if you make a payment to someone who you haven't given money to in a while (a 'while' in this case being 13 months), then the payment may be blocked until you make a call to the bank. This new rule doesn't affect you paying bills and the like, however, let's say for example, you pay your mate some money for a ticket for the football, then, 15 months later, you want to do the same again... you'll make the payment, see it blocked and then have to fanny about trying to get through to your constantly engaged bank on the phone or actually haul your arse off the couch to get into a branch to allow payment to go through.

Seems a bit needless really, especially given that the banks want to do things like this to cut down on queues in branches and streamline the whole process. However, what is happening here is the creation of a whole load more admin for themselves - and when banks make work for themselves, that's when they start cocking things up.



  • LuckyL
    why not vote with your feet and switch bank - no more problem and probables the only form of feedback that is being noticed. Simples :)
  • That t.
    I doubt they'll give a shit LuckyL, things like that never work. Banks are just taking the piss, first we bail them out, now they're dictating how we move OUR money around, we have to ask nicely and if THEY agree to do it! CNUTS
  • Wibble
    Slow day fornews, so Bittertwats write shit about, well, shit.
  • Anthony
    Need £10 at the counter because the bank machine outside has been vandalised again? Withdraw £300 and pay £290 back in, simple!
  • Tom P.
    Posted by That fit lass in your office you can't talk to | "first we bail them out, now they’re dictating" HSBC and A&L didn't need a bail out.
  • Nobby
    As with Antony, I'd take £300 out, then pay the rest back in. You will probably end up losing a day's interest on the balance paid back in though, because A&L are a bunch of cunts when it comes to things like that.
  • Joan
    Maybe we should all go in and draw out a pound at a time from the counter........they would then either have to reconsider or employ more staff! And why just A&L? What about other members of the Santander family?
  • Tom
    That would be assuming you get any interest on your current account, HSBC current account currently pays 0.0% interest, don't know about A&L, but can't imagine it's much. Go nuts, draw out your entire balance minus one pound, take yer tenner and pay it all back in, it'll give the cashier a smile (or maybe not!). Nobby: "You will probably end up losing a day’s interest on the balance paid back in though, because A&L are a bunch of cunts when it comes to things like that."
  • Matt
    I got a letter from Halifax many years ago requesting that I did not use the counter anymore. No reason given, just asked not to and if I continued to use the counter they would 'write again' . Lol. I moved banks, tossers.
  • Lonley c.
    Now its getting clearer they were getting every one to set up Direct Debit by charging £1.50 for non D/D customers BT, Virgin, and all others. Now traped. charge them with 0845 calls
  • Hickey
    @ Joan A&L apparently already have a minimum counter withdrawl of £250 and that they're bringing it line with other Satander group banks by raising it to £300. I wasn't aware they already had this minimum withdrwal for Abbey/Santander though.
  • dvdj
    To be fair HSBC are always quick on the phone and have never been engaged whenever my girlfriend has rang. I'm with First Direct which are even better. So to be honest I don't see anything wrong with that, it's just a precaution. All banks do it to a certain degree. I tried to order a TV for my girlsfriends Dad using his card on Dixon's and it kept getting declined. The reaon was Halifax was blocking it as he very rarely uses it online. One which phone call and it was fixed in 15mins.
  • That t.
    @dvdj Girlfriend?
  • The t.
    The fake That fit lass in your office you can't talk to @dvdj Girlfriend? Life?
  • dvdj
    Ok, ok, I meant my hand.
  • The t.
    @dvdj Keep going!...
  • Ten B.
    [...] HSBC and Alliance & Leicester set steep new banking rules [...]
  • js
    The worst Bank ever for on line payments. I receive most of my payments by electronic transfer. Alliance & Leicester consistently take 2 or 3 days longer than anyone else. In future, I will not do business with anyone who banks with Allioance and Leicester. Absolutely unacceptable service.
  • Gordan F.
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