How to save 38% on cheap eBay 'Buy It Now' purchases

bitterwallet - ebay logo Here’s a VERY CLEVER piece of trickery from HotUKDeals user ibiza that could save you some money when you’re buying Buy It Now stuff from eBay. Here’s what ibiza says….

This works best on getting cheaper things from the Far East, and nothing you are hoping to see in a few days.

On eBay UK the minimum Buy It Now price is 99p. However, if you go to the address bar of your browser and change the ".uk" in the eBay address to "m" to get "" you get the same search on the American site where the minimum Buy It Now price is 99c, which comes it at 61p when paid with Paypal. It also helps if you change where it’s searching to "worldwide" (this is near the bottom of the list of options at the left of the page - and its a little box you tick).

I used it for buying things for party bags and saved about a tenner dropping the cost to £20. I also got two Nokia USB chargers for our phones for $0.99 when for one on the UK site it was £0.99. Additionally - as the postage from the Far East is actually far less than the UK, often the postage is free. On the few things that arrived with normal stamps rather than a printed type frank - the postage was 2.5 Yaun - so less than a UK second class stamp for a slim letter. I think the fee charged by Paypal is just a not very good exchange rate - and I would doubt if its more than 1p or 2p more per £1 than a good exchange would give you (the no commission type). Here is the exchange rate I just paid there just now....

"PayPal Conversion Rate as of 24 Aug 2011: 1 British Pound = 1.59579 US Dollars"

To those of you expressing concerns about any tax or duty that may be due, they currently ignore everything under £18, although this will be dropping to £15 just before Christmas. So you would need to buy over twenty items and have them packed in the one envelope for it to attract any duty even then. But if there are thousands of small packages coming through - then no one is going to check - and I have not had mail opened buy customs for a few years now. The changes are likely to be aimed at and MyMemory who currently pay the UK directly on all imports over £18.

So there you go. Thanks ibiza!

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