How far will you go? 6 digusting ways to save money
"We all need money, but there are degrees of desperation." - Anthony Burgess

When it comes to saving money, our survival instincts usually kick in. Question is, how far would you go? Would you say, ravage through trash for a half empty can of tuna? Con an old lady out of her pension cheque? Kill an innocent man? Here at the BW headquarters we've just done a vote. Oh, we would go far. So you just think about who you are messing with. Think hard.

And just as you contemplate on the next best derogatory thing to say, or how far you would go yourself in your quest to survive, here are six further nausea-inducing options (NSDL: not safe during lunch) from Walletpop on how far some people would stretch to save money. Here's one such example to contemplate on:

Using Poop: It's hard to fault people for wanting to make use of excreta. After all, it's cheap, plentiful, and loaded with useful chemicals. However, playing with the stuff is almost a universal no-no, which makes it rather hard to experiment with new and creative methods for processing it.  One popular use is burning. Supposedly, traditional Yemeni apartment buildings collect feces, allow them to dry, and burn them for fuel. Similarly, Tibetans use dried yak dung as a major fuel source, and this site offers a technique for building a stove that can burn dried cow patties. Of course, for many of us, the line between burning Bossie's cow pucks and our own feces is a deal-killer.

Wow. Poop vs a life of quiest desperation? Wait till you read the rest. Other methods include artistic recyling of nail clippings and using your own hair to knit your own clothing (ouch). You might find your limiting beliefs shattered.

So... how far will you go / have you gone in a quest to save money, get out of debt? Pour your heart out in the comments below. We're off to share what's left of the tuna.



  • Bill G.
    6 ways? I only see one!
  • Martin
    There are other ways of reusing your own shit ...
  • Lumoruk
    I've noticed you've lost over 100 subscribers .....
  • abc
    Save money by feeding your cat cacti?
  • pip
    Using your own hair to knit? I had a collegue who knitted a jumper out of border collie fur once. I didn't really like her though she was nuttier than a squirrel
  • tinop
    I turned off my hot water heater for the whole winter. Now it's summer, looks like we dont need hot water heater afterall.
  • Jock S.
    what its like ... havin a RONI

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