Hackers swipe £20 million from UK bank accounts

cyber crime The National Crime Agency (NCA) are looking into a huge security breach which is affecting UK banks, warning people to make sure they're being vigilant against viruses and the like. Investigators have noted that hackers have been using a virus called Dridex, which is harvesting online bank details, which of course, are then used to steal your money.

The NCA think that £20 million has gone missing because of this, which is not to be sniffed at. It seems to be mostly business accounts falling foul of this, but the NCA warn that members of the public may have been victims of the malware attack.

Seemingly legit emails are the source of this, which are opening up the malware on your devices, and the NCA think thousands of computers in the UK are affected.

The National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) head of ops, Mike Hulett, said: "This is a particularly virulent form of malware and we have been working with our international law enforcement partners, as well as key partners from industry, to mitigate the damage it causes. Our investigation is ongoing and we expect further arrests to be made."

If you think you've had money taken through scams like the Dridex malware push, then you need to contact Action Fraud and of course, tell your bank.

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