Government's 'green reforms' to stick £300 a year on our bills (let's burn tyres)

5 September 2011

Wanted: Dead or alive for sticking our bills up

The government have obviously been watching episodes of Captain Planet over the years as they've got all jumpy about the environment. That, or they're keen to show that they aren't granite-hearted monsters who don't care about anyone but themselves.

Being 'green' is invariably supposed to give the coalition something of a cuddly image, showing us all that, despite the crippling financial crisis, they really care, maaaaaaan.

And so, they're going about reforming environmental policies and saving us all from ozone cancer or something. However, what they're less keen to state is that this touchy-feely approach is going to whack £300 onto energy bills, per year.

We should burn tractor tyres to stay warm in protest.

And this comes from a senior Downing Street adviser who has told David Cameron that government plans to get people to reduce their bills through efficiency measures are likely to fail. This makes something of a mockery of the claims of Energy Secretary Chris Huhne, who reckons that rises in gas and oil prices will be offset by people using less power.

Basically, as the Government move to increase the use of nuclear power, wind and other stuff, it will add 30 per cent to the average family’s annual energy bill. Wages, meanwhile, don't seem to be going up at all.

The report says: Over time it is clear that the impact of our policies on consumer bills will become significantly greater.”

Of course, the government have tried to combat increasing bills by giving regulator Ofgem more power, but this year, our bills have continued to climb, with five of the “big six” providers announced hikes as large as 24 per cent.



  • oliverreed
    Whilst the rest of the world won't give a fuck, wankers.
  • Dick
    Burn telephone directories and yellow pages. You can get a surprising amount of heat out of them, and you can get loads of them if you go on a nicking spree when they are dropped on people's doorsteps.
  • andy y.
    Every political party got hooked on this Green Energy shit.Why? Because that's what they thought we wanted to hear. In other words its down to the idiot electorate (aka you and I) who want stuff then then pissed it will cost.
  • Brad
    Go Green = One more Tax to Pay.

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