£200 to switch with HSBC

£200 to switch with HSBC

HSBC have relaunched an offer that they did back in May, where you can get £200 to 'switch and stay', to anyone who opens an Advance or Premier account, and stays with HSBC for 12 months.

Of course, there are caveats.

You'll need to be able to deposit £1,750 will qualify for the Advance Account, and the Premier account will ask you for £50,000 in worth of investments or an income of over £100,000.

If you have that kind of money lying around, congratulations.

You'll have to use the Current Account Switch Service and move over two or more direct debits or standing orders to the new account within 30 days to get your hands on the £200.

You'll also have to register for Mobile or Online Banking within 60 days of account opening, but most people do that as soon as they open a new account, so no fuss there.

If you want to find out everything about this offer, and what the different accounts offer you once you've switched to them (it is always worth looking at the details, as it might not be suitable for you, with a better product elsewhere on the market), then click here.

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