How Paedophile Singers Make Money in an Economic Recession

Computer giant Hewlett Packard is still receiving some serious backlash for an advertising blunder that leaked out less than 24 hours ago, involving convicted child molester Gary Glitter benefiting approximately £100,000 from their royalties.

In promoting the new HP TouchSmart TV, HP featured the song "Do You Wanna Touch Me".  While the 1982 cover version of the song was performed by Joan Jett, it was originally written by 62-year-old Glitter, entitling him to the royalties.

U.S. advocacy group ChildAbuseWatch called for a boycott of all HP products and a public apology. A spokeswoman for HP adds, "This is a sensitive issue and HP takes the matter very seriously. To reassure you, all relevant advertising has been withdrawn in the UK and the issue is being urgently reviewed in other countries."

Glitter returned to the UK just this August, slapped on the sex offender's register, but 'remains in hiding.'  He was previously getting a £200,000 a year annual 'passive' income from his back catalogue of songs from the 70s. His income stream was probably cut off as the UK refuses to play any of his music.  Except HP.

[Telegraph] Photo: PA

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    so what.. ELVIS PRESLEY had 13 and 14 year old girlfriends and we still listen to his music.

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