Furry confusing offer from the Co-operative

11 August 2010

Riddle me this, Batman:

- are the Co-operative selling these cherries, offering them with 50 per cent off or giving them away for free?

- uh, you know they're covered in mold, right?

Bitterwallet - moldy cherries

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Reuben


  • Keith
    There's a blank line running top to bottom on the yellow sticker - where's the big story?
  • Nader
    Not surprised they are furry... best before date is 06/Aug
  • zleet
    Just had a low fat co-op chocolate trifle and found 'something' in it. Chewy and slimy, hope to god it was raisin.
  • CantBeArsed
    The pic was taken on the 6th August at 18:53 - the file info shows that. Wondering what the current price might be now.
  • joanne
    beats a couple of moldy plums any day
  • The B.
    WTF???? IS DIS 4 REAL???
  • Hairy T.
    WTF is a Reduct On?
  • Simon
    wtf???? whats the price of currents got to do with these cherries!!!!1!!!eleventy!
  • Marky m.
    Why are you spelling 'mould' as 'mold'? American spellchecker taking up the slack between your ears? 0/10
  • Barcode M.
    The barcode has 00100 in front of it, indicating that the new price is £1.00. 93 is the code to override prices. And now you know.
  • Mark
    OOOHHHH... So Barcode master, lets just say one had a barcode printer, and they also had the barcode information of summit in tesco... We just print out 93xxxxx and then the actual barcode, with xxxxx being the price I wanna pay in pence, and it will slip through the scanner as if it was reduced? Hmmm.... ebay - searching barcode printer!
  • Tone
    There's also a 50% chance the buyer would get charged the full price for that pack as well. The original barcode is not covered over so the till scanner could pick up either. This is a common "trick" on supermarket reductions and one which seldom gets picked up by customers as only a small percentage actually check their till receipt. Seriously, check your till receipts people, reductions or not !!
  • Mark
    My local Somerfield used to be crap but cheap, but now Co-Op have taken it over, it's just crap. Which is odd, because the nearest Co-Op is quite decent. Anyone would think they're trying to run them down, so that when they rebrand them all as Co-Ops and put decent stock in them, everyone will suddenly think it's an amazing improvement.

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